How to Fix FaceTime Camera Not Working

Are you about to make a FaceTime call but the camera on your Mac is not working? I have highlighted 5 ways you can use to fix the FaceTime HD camera problem. Here are the quick tips for dealing with the issue when you get the prompt “There is no connected camera” on your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

Before delving into the solutions though, here is something you need to know. Besides hardware challenges, problems affecting the webcam or camera arise when multiple processes what to use the same camera. As such, when a process using the FaceTime camera fails to terminate properly, it is bound to hog resources from the next application that wants to access the camera.

Now, the solutions.

1. Rebooting Your Mac

When faced with the FaceTime no camera available on MacBook, the easiest fix to try is restarting your mac. The reboot will terminate all running processes and give you a clean slate to start with. However, if your FaceTime call is in a few minutes, you will have to try other quick fixes.

2. Quit Camera Apps

Quickly close apps that are associated with using the camera. For this fix, use the Activity Monitor App.Activity monitor to kill processes

  • Go to the /Applications/Utilities folder and launch the Activity Monitor App.
  • Click on the “Process Name” on the top left column to list the applications alphabetically.
  • Click on “VDC Assistant” then on the “X” icon on the top left to close the app.

When a camera app is launched, it initiates the VDCAssistant process hence the reason you need to close it to allow FaceTime take over the camera resources.

3. Check Whether the Camera Works

An upgrade to the latest mac OS can cause your MacBook pro webcam not to work. Try the following steps for checking whether the camera works well or has other unrelated problems.

Log into another FaceTime account and test the built-in camera. This step will help you know if the camera isn’t working because of a user-specific issue or not.

Try using PhotoBooth or iChat to confirm whether the camera not working on FaceTime is application-specific.

4. Solve the FaceTime not Connected in Display Problem

In some cases, the problem you’d facing is FaceTime HD camera not working on your MacBook Air. Fixing this issue is easy, although you have to do it manually.facetime hd camera display fix

  • Launch FaceTime on your MacBook pro or MacBook Air.
  • Go to Menu > Video, then choose “FaceTime HD Camera (Display)

That’s it.

5. Stop VDC Assistant Using a Command Line on the Terminal

Save the best for last. This last fix will solve the majority of your FaceTime camera issues. And it’s easy to follow and takes a very short time to execute.

VDCAssistant is a background process (daemon) that controls the functionality of the built-in iSight camera on the Mac OS. If your camera is not working on a Mac Pro or Air, this is one of those processes you should check first.

kill vdc assistant in terminal

  • Close all applications that are using the camera on your MacBook (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts).
  • Go to Launchpad > Terminal
  • Enter the following command: sudo killall VDCAssistant
  • Enter your login password when prompted
  • Then type the following command: sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant
  • When done, launch FaceTime and the camera should work.

Those are the solutions to problems affecting your FaceTime camera. These solutions will also work when iSight cannot connect to Photobooth. Let us know if you managed to fix your FaceTime.