How to Delete All Contacts on iPhone At Once

Your iPhone, by default, would only let you delete contacts from your contact book, one at a time. Although this will work for a few contacts, it is still unpleasant for those who would like to delete many contacts.

One of the ways to go through the process would be to delete them via iCloud. If you don’t want to go in this way, an even easier way is to use an app from AppStore.

This post will feature both ways of deleting multiple numbers so that you may choose what is good for you. All these methods work perfectly, and your choice should only depend on the right software’s ease of use and availability.

How to activate iCloud backup on iPhone 6

  • Launch Settings
  • Tap iCloud
  • Scroll down to PassBook
  • Tap on Backup (To put it ON)

Backing up is sometimes lengthy and needs an internet connection to work. On average, it will take about 3-4 hours for your iPhone 6 to back up everything completely.

How to delete contacts from iPhone using iCloud

  • Log in to iCloud
  • Tap on contacts
  • Hold the command button and select all contacts you want to remove if accessing iTunes from a Mac computer. If you’re using Windows PC, click on each contact while holding the Control button to select multiple numbers.
  • Tap on Delete or Show Actions Menu that’s located on the bottom left
  • Tap on Delete
  • Check to ensure you have synced contacts on the iPhone and wait for it to propagate.

At this point, you have just deleted multiple contacts from your iPhone using iTunes. However, if you don’t find this method appropriate, how about the one below?

How to Delete Multiple Contacts from the iPhone Using Groups App

The Groups App is a third-party application you can find on the Apple AppStore. It is available for download free of charge and allows you to perform collective actions on a group of numbers. The following procedure will help you delete multiple contacts from the iPhone 6.

  • Open AppStore and find Groups App
  • Install and launch the app
  • Grant it access to your contacts
  • Select All Contacts from the Groups List
  • Scroll through the contacts and mark those you would like to delete
  • Marking can be done by clicking on the circle outline located on the left of the name
  • Select choose action at the top bar after you’ve finished marking
  • Find and tap on Delete Contacts on the popup menu
  • Select Remove from my iPhone! to confirm your action

That’s all you need to do when using the Groups App, and you’ll have deleted all saved numbers from your iPhone.


Once you have deleted the numbers, you can return to the group’s app to confirm whether you’ve completed the process. The iCloud option might take a lot of time but does work well; while the Groups App isn’t the most user-friendly app around, but still can perform a better job. Share your experience with us if you’ve attempted using these applications.

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