iPad Suddenly Needs Activation? Here’s A Working Fix!

If your iPad or iPad mini suddenly needs activation, it is likely you share an iCloud account. Using a device which has another iCloud account linked to it will cause iPad needing activation. Follow these simple guidelines to fix the iPad activation required issue.

While the iPad needs activation problem isn’t a virus, it is rather a way of Apple helping you secure your iPad. When it appear, you can solve it through two methods:

  • Activation lock passcode
  • A code that is required during you initial device setup

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If you have Find My iPhone on iOS 10, you must disable it before you use any of these steps. Follow these steps to sort out the error:

  • Log in to the iCloud account linked to the device from any other device here.
  • While logged you will see an “All Devices” drop-down. This indicates the devices that are affiliated to that account. These may include iPads, iPhones, iPods, or Mac. If it may help you narrow down your device search, the drop down also indicates the log in status such as time last log in and the specific location, unless they were disabled in the settings to that specific device.
  • Locate the device you need removed from an account and click on it. Three options appear, “Play Sound”, “Lost Mode”, “Erase iPhone”. The erase button clears your device from that iCloud account. Click on it.
  • Enter the account credentials (Apple ID and password) required to proceed. Click on Next unless you have entered the wrong email address in which you can use the Cancel button to re-enter the email.
  • Enter a phone number to proceed but this is flagged as optional. Simply click on Next. You will also be prompted to enter a message you want displayed on you device of choice. You may choose to ignore this too.
  • There will be an ‘Erased’ indication at the top left corner. Now you will need to erase this device by tapping on the “Remove from Account” button. The option notifies you that removing the device causes it to be activated and used by a different account.

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The device is removed from that account and is available for use by another device.