3 Best iPhone Offline Music Apps

Online music streaming is certainly cool. However, it is not the best option for your music needs more so when you are on the go. In as much you can take pride in the modern day and extensive internet connection, you may not find the connection reliable and stable while moving. Furthermore, online music streaming consumes a lot of data. Here are the common iPhone offline music apps for you to choose.

Despite these drawbacks like notable data consumption while streaming music, there is hope. Advancement in technology has led to many legal music apps that let you take your music experience offline. With this you don’t have to worry about anything. Continue reading to find out more details about the mentioned apps.

Spotify for iPhone

iPhone Offline Music AppsEvery music die hard knows that you have to mention Spotify when talking about offline music apps. In addition to its low cost monthly premium package, this music app puts all the functionality of a web player in your hands. This app works this way; when online, it allows you to discover and listen to new and exciting music and when offline, you simply sync them and continue enjoying your music.

Spotify on iTunes

Groove for iPhone

iPhone Offline Music AppsThe second app on this list is Groove. This app has been the talk of the town lately after getting a whooping eighty five thousand downloads in twenty four hours and becoming the top music app in the Canadian app store. To say the least Groove is like the Apple Genius app but on turbocharge, exciting? Yes! What this apps does is it taps into your iPhone’s iTunes collections. Quickly and effortlessly it creates for you smart mixes and playlist for endless offline music entertainment. The app is purely 100% offline.

Groove on iTunes


iPhone Offline Music AppsThis offline music app is both a music discovery and radio app. Thanks to Bloom.fm app, you can stream and save full track music on your iPhone. The app uses an offline “borrowing” service that works like the traditional renting systems. With very economical monthly packages users can download their favorite songs, once they’ve heard enough of them offline they can swipe them for different types of songs.

Which is your favorite pick from the iPhone offline music apps discussed? Do you prefer another app not in the above list? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.