Is LingoDeer worth it? A detailed review

During the COVID pandemic, I decided I wanted to learn a new language and opted for Chinese. So, I downloaded LingoDeer, intending to pass the time effectively while being productive simultaneously.

LingoDeer is a language app that teaches you various languages such as Korean, Spanish, Chinese, French, and other languages. 

For most people, you may have seen LingoDeer on Google Play Store or the App Store and asked yourself, is it worth it? We’ve written this LingoDeer review to explain its features and answer all the questions.

Is LingoDeer better than DuoLingo better?

DuoLingo is the most popular language app in both Google Play Store and App Store. Even though LingoDeer is not as popular as DuoLingo, it is better and cheaper than most language learning apps.

Duolingo has more languages than LingoDeer that a beginner can learn. On the other hand, LingoDeer is great for students who want to learn Asian languages such as Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese.

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Can you use LingoDeer for free?

Introductory courses such as Alphabet, Nationality, Test Outs, Reviews, and Flashcards are free. You are also provided with a visual travel phrasebook that helps you translate between the two languages. 

If you, however, wish to gain access to all lessons, priority support, offline lessons download, and cross-device synchronization, you should pay a subscription fee. You can choose to pay per month, after three months, per year, or a lifetime membership subscription.

There are also two passes you can choose and pay for. You can pay for a single language or add a few dollars if you want the multilingual pass. The Multilingual pass gives the user access to all the languages in the app and allows you to learn over 200 lessons.

Is LingoDeer paid worth it?

LingoDeer is a very useful app for beginners. For one, learning Chinese on this app proved very easy, and the explanations are clear and accurate. It also offers diverse languages such as Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, German, Russian, French, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese. 

However, its subscription fee is twice as expensive as other apps. Most language learning apps charge a subscription fee of $10 per month. LingoDeer, on the other hand, charges the following for learning a single language:

  • $18.99 per month
  • $46.99 quarterly.
  • $61.99 per year.
  • $164.99 for lifetime payment.

If you want to learn more than one language on the app, you have to pay either of the prices below as a subscription fee:

  • $18.99 per month.
  • $48.99 quarterly.
  • $64.99 per year.
  • $164.99 for a lifetime subscription.

An advantage of paying for either of these subscriptions is a 7-day refund policy. However, it only applies if you paid on the website and not the app store.

Can you become fluent with LingoDeer?

If you are a persistent learner, then, of course, you can. It has a great learning experience where a red notification with a LingoDeer crying appears on the screen if you fail a task. However, when you have correctly completed a task, the LingoDeer will appear happy on a green notification. 

It also has varied lesson styles like comprehension, filling the blank spaces, matching words with pictures, sounds, and pronunciation, making it easy for a beginner to learn. Additionally, it has a clear audio quality that helps you understand and mimic words correctly.

You can practice your pronunciation in some lessons with audio examples and images. You can play the audio recorded and compare it with the app’s example. You also get extra chances to practice your speech in the evaluation and story lessons.

LingoDeer review summary

Most people are conversant with DuoLingo and other language learning apps, forgetting that LingoDeer offers the same or even better language lessons.

In this LingoDeer review, you’ll find that the app has a colorful design that allows you to enjoy your lessons. It is the best app for learning Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian languages.

It is also partly free, but if you wish to unlock more languages and lessons, you can pay a monthly, quarterly, annual, or lifetime subscription fee. The LingoDeer app is available on Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS devices. So enjoy your language learning journey!