Can You Undo a Swipe Left on Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating uses algorithms and your profile features to find the perfect match for you. Like Tinder or any other dating app, it allows you to choose your match by swiping either left or right.

While swiping through the displayed matches, you may or may not have accidentally swiped left. But feelings change. So, how can you see a profile and probably rematch after swiping left.

Can you have a second look at someone after swiping on FB Dating?

Unlike other dating apps, Facebook Dating has a unique feature that allows you to backtrack on the profiles that you unlike.

It gives you a second chance to visit the profile you passed on, whether by accident or not.

Follow these steps to use the Second Look feature:

  • Go to Settings with the gear icon.
  • Tap on the General Option.
  • Tap on Second Look in the General menu. From there, you will see all the profiles that you swiped left.

You can then check out these profiles to see if you’d like to rematch with any of them. This feature comes in handy if you wish to return to someone on Facebook Dating.

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If you X someone on Facebook Dating, can they still like you?

If you accidentally swiped left on Facebook dating on one of the profiles, they will be removed from your list. However, if your profile appears on the person you swiped left, they can still like you and appear on your card options.

Facebook Dating has perks in the dating industry, including its big data and features. For example, it suggests those who have attended common events with you or have common interests and follow similar groups to you.

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If you wish to find suggested matches at events or in groups, you can follow the following steps:

  • Open your Facebook app and tap on Menu
  • Next, tap on Dating.
  • Scroll down to More and tap on the Events in common or Groups in common option.
  • The first time you go into Events in common or Groups in common, you need to choose to include all of your events or groups or specific ones.

If you want to filter which events or groups to show suggested matches:

  • Open your Facebook app and tap on Menu.
  • Tap on Dating.
  • Scroll down to Events in common or Groups in common.
  • On the upper right corner of the screen, tap on settings, then tap on the group or event.
  • When suggested matches in groups or events are enabled, others in that group or event may see you as a suggested match.

With these tips, you can undo a swipe on Facebook and get a chance to match with those you wish to date.

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