iTunes Unable to Start Correctly Error 0x000007b Solution

If you have clicked on the iTunes icon or connected your iPhone or iPad to a Windows computer and an error indicating “iTunes PC Program Error –the application was unable to start correctly”, also known as error 0x000007b appears, then here is how to fix it.

Open iTunes out of Sandbox

This method works when you have Sandboxie installed, which is a program that allows apps on windows to run independent of other applications and prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs or apps. If this is the case, then do the following:

  • Close iTunes
  • Go the desktop
  • Find the iTunes icon
  • Right click on it
  • Select Always Open Out of Sandbox
  • Open iTunes

If you were using Sandboxie, the iTunes 0x000007b error should be gone by now. Otherwise, follow the steps below.

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Do a fresh iTunes installation on Windows PC

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Esc to open the Task Manager
  • Select iTunes
  • Right click and Select End Task
  • Open Settings
  • Select Add or Remove Programs
  • Select iTunes and click Uninstall
  • Wait for it to uninstall completely
  • Go to C:\Program Files\
  • Ensure the iTunes, Bonjour, and iPod folders are completely deleted
  • Go to the iTunes download page
  • Select and download the newest version of iTunes
  • Install it and open it

Once you do a fresh install of iTunes on your Windows PC, you will be able to open the program without any further issues.

If you are using iOS 11, you may have noticed that it is having problems connecting to the earlier versions of iTunes. When you connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your computer, you will notice that it gives an error indicating that you need a new version of iTunes.

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Simply follow the steps provided above to download the latest version of iTunes to avoid 0x000007b and other errors. For an update, you don’t need to uninstall everything for you to update to the newest version.