5 Best Installous Alternatives You Should Try Out

If you have been aware of the jailbreak community for quite some time, there is a high chance that you know about Installous. Why? Because this was the best app store for cracked apps at some point. Until today, there are people searching how to get Installous. However, the app is no longer available.

The news about its closure came as a big blow to users who had been dependent on the app for downloading cracked apps. If you are in the list, don’t worry since this article will highlight the best Installous alternatives that will help you download the apps you want.

The jailbreak community has moved on to other apps. And if you are searching for how to download Installous sources or repo, you should know that the app doesn’t exist anymore. However, there are other apps that can do the same thing. They will allow you to download cracked apps and install them with or without jailbreaking. Read on for the best apps like Installous.

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List of Installous alternatives

The following apps are worthy alternatives to the famous Installous app for jailbroken devices.


AppCake is a decent alternative for Installous available right now. Apart from this alternative being similar to the Installous app in terms of usage, the second reason you should opt for it is that you will not need AppSync for it to run.

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i-Funbox is one of the best Installous alternatives you should give a try. Even though it comes as a desktop app, it is easy and fun to use. When trying out this alternative you should know that, you will need an AppSync alternative too.

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Formerly known as Appvvn. This Installous alternative is reliable and works perfectly in almost all iOS devices. However for it to work you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone and add an AppVV repo source to Cydia then search for vShare. This app can also work on devices running on iOS 11, 10, and 9 without jailbreaking.

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This is a fairly new Installous alternative in the market. It is an online repository of different cracked apps you can download and install in your iPhone.

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When searching for apps like installous, IPAStore.me one of those new apps that works pretty well as an Installous alternative. It hosts many cracked apps that you can install on your iPhone. With IpaStore, you get to download cracked apps from externally hosted sites while the website itself serves as repo for app discovery.

With the hackulous repo no longer available for installing Installous, I hope the above similar apps will come in handy. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below.