Accuweather Keeps Stopping Every time? How to Fix

You have a vacation week planned for relaxing, enjoying the beach, or even visiting a loved one. How, then, can you know the following day’s weather to avoid your plans getting ruined? That’s where AccuWeather comes to the rescue, the most popular weather app on iOS and Android devices.

With AccuWeather, you get a week’s weather report in real-time, locally and internationally. But, sometimes, the app or its widget may fail to work and crashes every time.

If you are experiencing the same thing, we’ve come up with a couple of solutions to the problem.

AccuWeather keeps stopping: How to troubleshoot

There are reports where users are accessing the AccuWeather app when it suddenly displays a white or black screen and closes itself.

This means that the app is crashing, which may be caused by a few reasons. These reasons include the server going down, network issues, or bugs and glitches.

While there is no official solution from the developers, you can try the following solutions to solve the issue.

1. Uninstall and reinstall the app

The most common reason why AccuWeather may keep stopping is bugs and glitches. It is often difficult to know the cause of the bugs. However, fixing the issue isn’t hard.

All you need to do is uninstall and reinstall the app on your phone.

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2. Restart your phone

restart iphone without power button

AccuWeather isn’t working because of system glitches or bugs. Below are steps on how you can restart your iOS device:

  • Long press the Volume button and side button together until a slider appears on the screen.
  • Drag the slider and allow the device to turn off.
  • Let the device rest for two minutes before you can turn it on.
  • Long press the power button until the phone turns on, and the Apple logo appears on the screen.

We have also created special guides if you want to restart an iPhone without a home button or one that is frozen.

If your AccuWeather is crashing on an Android device, the following are steps on how to restart the device:

  • First, press the Power button until a power menu appears on the screen.
  • Then, tap on Restart on the menu.
  • Let the device rest for two minutes before turning it on by long pressing the power button.

3. Remove and replace the app’s widget

You may also be experiencing an issue trying to open the AccuWeather widget. The AccuWeather widget might be clashing with the previous version of the widget.

The solution is to remove the previous widget and manually add a new one to your phone’s home screen.

AccuWeather Widget

You can choose your location and adjust the widget’s size per your preference. If you still receive an error when opening the widget, you can uninstall and reinstall the app or restart your phone.

4. Check your device’s internet connection

Your phone must be connected to the internet to access the weather report. An unstable internet connection may cause the app not to pick up real-time weather, temperature, or humidity.

You can reset the router and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network using a Wi-Fi router. Alternatively, you can switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data if you are experiencing a poor internet connection.

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5. Disable battery optimization

iphone low battery

The AccuWeather widget app is not updating its data because its features are restricted by battery optimization.

The battery optimization feature prevents the app from receiving data from the internet. Thus, the widget app crashes because it fails to fetch updated data from its internet source.

Below are steps on how to remove the battery optimization feature, which is common on Android devices:

  • First, go to the Settings app with a gear icon.
  • Tap on the Battery option and then Battery optimization.
  • Turn off the toggle or deselect the radio box next to AccuWeather.
  • Once you’ve done this, restart the app or device for better results.

6. Manually set up the location

Another way to solve the AccuWeather crashing problem is by adjusting the app’s settings. For example, you can manually set the location and make the app collect data from the set location.

You can also set the AccuWeather settings by refreshing the location manually or automatically.

Final words

For someone who has plans and would like to know whether the weather is in their favor, AccuWeather is their best friend. Unfortunately, like any other app, it may crash or stop working at some point.

You can try the above steps and check if they work for your device. If not, you should contact AccuWeather customer support via email for further assistance.

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