How to Activate Dark Mode On iOS 12

Staring at your smartphone in the dark can mess with your vision. This is exactly why you need to enable dark mode for iPhone. If you’ve been craving for this feature all along, here is a solution that will give your eyes a break.

A full “dark mode”, as many people refer to it, has been long-anticipated but until now it is yet to fully materialize. The good news is that there’s an alternative that can be deployed on iOS 12 and iOS 11.

What is dark mode for iOS?

Dark mode an option in iOS 12 that allows you to enable “Smart Invert”, which reverses the colors of the display. Unlike the “Classic Invert” which reversed maps, app icons, and much more, the “Smart Invert” doesn’t reverse everything.

The settings clearly show that this feature doesn’t reverse media, images, and the applications that use dark colors. It just turns the white spaces black.

In this article, you will learn how to activate dark mode for iOS 12 to invert colors on the display and minimize eye strain. Mind you, this procedure won’t distort content.

How to turn on ‘dark Mode’ on your iPhone

To turn on dark mode on your iPhone:

  • Open Settings then tap General
  • Tap Accessibility
  • Select Display Accommodations
  • Tap Invert Colors
  • Toggle on “Smart Invert” from the menu

Your iPhone should now invert colors to a “dark mode”.

How to switch dark mode for iPhone On/Off

We highly recommend that you create an accessibility shortcut since you’ll be switching dark mode for iPhone on and off very often.

There are several ways to do this:

  • If your iPhone has a Home button, just triple-click Home button shortcut.
  • If you are using an iPhone X, simply triple-click the Side button shortcut
  • You can also add the accessibility shortcut icon to the Control Center.

Whichever the case, you can just head over to the Settings –> General –> Accessibility –> Accessibility Shortcut, then just select “Smart Invert Colors.” Having done this, you can triple-click the Home or Side button and the menu to toggle on Smart Invert will pop out.

If you want to use the Control Center shortcut, head over to Settings –> Control Center –> Customize Controls, then add the “Accessibility Shortcuts”. With this, you’ll be able to engage the menu and switch the Smart Invert on and off.

Activating dark mode for iPhone using Night Shift

You can activate the dark mode for iPhone by activating Night Shift. This option will greatly reduce the eye strain and ensure that you’re able to use your iPhone anytime from dusk until dawn easily.

Follow these steps to set the Night Shift schedule on your iPhone:

  • Go to the Home screen
  • Open Settings
  • Select Display & Brightness
  • Tap Night Shift
  • Toggle the Scheduled switch From/To option and set your preferred time.

Activating dark mode using the iPhone Low Light Filter

It is possible for you to ease the stress that comes from excessive light by using the low light feature on your iPhone.

To activate the iPhone Low Light filter:

  • Open Settings
  • Select General
  • Go to Accessibility
  • Select Zoom and switch it A Lens popup should appear
  • Tap the screen three times with your 3 fingers. Another menu will pop up
  • Select Resize lens and drag it to fill the entire screen
  • Tap the screen three times
  • Relocate the zoom slider to the bottom of the screen
  • Select Choose Filter
  • Select Low Light

We hope that the above tips provided above will help you activate iOS 12 dark mode and save you from eye strain. Smart Invert works very well in third-party apps, it’s also a great solution to the problem of excessive light without the alteration of content. Your eyes will not have to squint anymore.