How to Add Items to Favorites on Mac Finder

The Mac offers loads of techniques for opening, organizing and saving files. Mac users are fond of the Finder Favorites which allows them to access the most-used folders within the sidebar of every Finder window and open or save dialog.

There are a number of Finder favorites provided by default in the macOS and you can easily replace them with your own. But how do you add a folder to Favorites in Mac? Here are the steps you need to take.

Show or hide the sidebar

Before you ask how do I add a folder to favorites in mac, you need first to learn how to show or hide the sidebar. Starting with OS X 10.6, you can hide the Finder’s sidebar to create more room or display it to get easy access to several files, locations, and apps from within the Finder’s window.

  • Click the Finder app in the Dock.
  • From the Finder menu bar go to View>Show Sidebar or View>Hide Sidebar.
  • If the Mac Finder sidebar favorites disappeared, you can try the keyboard shortcut to hide or show the sidebar. The shortcut is Option + Command + S.

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Follow these steps to show or hide the default items in the sidebar

  • Open the Finder window by clicking the icon in the Dock
  • Go to Finder’s preferences by clicking Preferences from the Finder Menu bar
  • Click on the Sidebar tab
  • Place or remove a check from the items in the list of items in your Sidebar.
  • Save the preferences by closing the Preferences window

It is quite easy to add the application to favorites on Mac using the above steps. Go back to the Finder preferences and experiment with different items until you find exactly what makes your work easier. You can also add the desktop to favorites Mac.

How to add a File or Folder to the Finder

If you have folders or files that you use frequently, you can add them to the sidebar so that they are just a mouse click away.

  • Open the Finder window by clicking the icon in the Dock
  • Select and drag your preferred folder or file to the sidebar. A line will appear showing the location of the folder or file. If you are okay with the location release it.
  • For OS X EI Capitan, macOS High Sierra and macOS Sierra you will have to hold the command key when dragging a file to the sidebar. Adding folders to Finder does not require you to hold the command key.

If you want to add photos to Finder, these are the steps you need to take. You can also put downloads folder in favorites Mac using this same process.

As you can see, it is easy to mac Customize finder window by adding and rearranging items in the sidebar. You just click and drag the sidebar item to your desired location. Other items will rearrange themselves to make room for the moved item. To remove an item from the sidebar you just click and drag it out of the sidebar. You can also remove the item by right-clicking on it and selecting Remove from the sidebar.

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