Why AirMore Is the Best File Transfer App for iOS

As devices conquer every aspect of human life, connectivity between such devices is becoming seamless. If you are rocking an iOS device and want the best way to transfer files to a PC, the AirMore would be the best application for that process. Apart from presenting easy transfer of photos, music, videos, and documents, this application makes it easy to manage the same from your PC browser.

How Does AirMore Work?

This file transfer and management application operate wirelessly. It allows you to establish a connection between your iOS device and a PC. This way of connection does not need you to install any additional application on your computer. You will only need an internet connection and establishing the connection via a web browser.airmore review

Features that Make AirMore the Best File Transferring App for iOS

As mentioned, it does more than just transferring a wide range of file types. The following features prove the same.

  • To start with, you will have an easy time managing your files using AirMore. The file management feature gives quick access to your files. Apart from the easy access, you will find it convenient to create, modify, and create files like Epub, PDF, Word, Excel, and Text.
  • The app has a simple way of establishing a connection. This process involves visiting the AirMore website and scanning the QR code that pops up using the app on your phone. As such, using this app is safe.
  • This application also presents convenient communication. After connecting your iPhone with a PC, you can access your calls and messages. In so doing, you could send, delete, or forward messages. Sending text messages to large groups from the browser on your PC is more efficient than using your phone.
  • Connecting your iPhone with a PC requires a local connection. In addition, the scanning of the QR code ensures no access to your files and communication without your permission.

airmore reviewWrapping Up

The features work seamlessly without any lag. At the same time, you would need such features to boost your productivity especially if you always transfer files between your personal computer and iPhone.

Impressively, this application is compatible with most browsers. This allows for easy access to your devices.

It is also worth noting that the app packs a clean and easy to use interface for good user experience.

AirMore provides a solid solution for file transfer and management on your iPhone using a PC. It is worth downloading and installing as it is easy to get started as well. Will you be installing this app? Let us know in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “Why AirMore Is the Best File Transfer App for iOS”

  1. Your article does not mention how you can copy photos from the PC to an iPad.
    Airmore seems to be great for using the PC to access the phone or iPad and bringing files down to the PC. Does IOS prevent writing to the iPad or are there special techniques I need to learn for going from PC to IOS?

  2. What are the security issues with this ?
    It’s a file transfer with some involvement with a connection to Airmore on the web, right ?
    And the app is more or less going to have access to everything, being that that’s the whole purpose.
    So what assurance do we have that we should trust Airmore or the process ?
    This is not to say anything nefarious is going on, just thinking about it.

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