Why is my Alexa not connecting to Amazon Music?

With Alexa connected to Amazon Music, you can play any song from Amazon’s catalog just by issuing a voice command -at least that’s how it should be. However, you may find that Alexa is not connecting to Amazon Music at times. How does this happen and how do you fix it?

There are many reasons why Alexa may fail to connect to Amazon Music. But on most occasions, you can easily fix this problem through simple troubleshooting steps.

How to fix Alexa not connecting to Amazon Music

If you can’t get Alexa to play your playlist on Amazon Music, here is how to troubleshoot these problems.

1. Restart the Echo device or smartphone

The main reason Alexa won’t play music on your iPhone is that it is experiencing system glitches.

You can fix this by restarting your Echo device by unplugging its power cable and reconnecting it after one minute.

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2. Confirm your subscription 

Amazon music app

To connect the Amazon Music app to Alexa, you need to have an active subscription account. Here is how you can check your Amazon Music subscription status:

  • Visit the Amazon website and log in to your account.
  • Move your cursor to your name next to your country flag to open the menu. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, tap on your name.
  • Click on ‘Memberships & Subscriptions’.
  • Check your subscription status. If it is disabled, pay for it to allow access to unlimited music on the platform.

3. Check your internet connection

Poor internet connection may be why Alexa is not connecting to Amazon Music. On the other hand, it may be caused by network congestion due to too many devices connected to the Wi-Fi network. Therefore, it would be best if you disconnected any devices that are not in use.

The Wi-Fi may also be slow, and Echo devices operate under high speed and stable internet connection. When the internet is weak or the Wi-Fi’s speed is slow, Alexa might be unresponsive and the requested music will not play.

You can boost your Wi-Fi’s speed by rebooting the router or disconnecting devices from the Wi-Fi that are not in use.

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4. Check the song’s availability on Amazon Music

You’ve requested a song, but Alexa is not playing it because there may be an issue with song availability. This issue often occurs if you are using Amazon Prime Music since it has a very limited number of songs compared to Amazon Music Limited.

If you are a music lover, we advise you to use Amazon Music Unlimited. When you have opened an account and it plays music requested by Alexa, the song availability was the issue.

Wrapping up

As you’ve realized, the main reasons behind Alexa not connecting to Amazon Music include unstable internet connection, system glitch, Amazon Music subscription, or the song’s availability.

You can troubleshoot these issues by restarting your Echo device and checking your internet connection and Amazon Music subscription.