Apple File Conduit 2 for iOS 11

Apple File Conduit (AFC) is an iOS service running on every iPhone, iPod or iPad with which iTunes uses to transfer files to the device. It is jailed to the second non-OS partition of the iOS device and allows access to media only from the App Store. Apple File Conduit 2 is configured to allow access to the whole file-system as an additional AFC service and to install it is considered as a bare-bones jailbreak.

You can use the root access provided by Apple File Conduit 2 to tweak your iOS device’s file system and fix a corrupt tweak or if you need to change stock files such as ringtones. Root access over USB is easier and doesn’t need the expertise required to bypass secure shell protocols through remote access.

In this guide, we will show you how to download and install Apple File Conduit 2 on an iOS device running a jailbreak with Cydia installed. This version of Apple File Conduit 2 is compatible with all versions of iOS 11 up to iOS 11.3.1. However, you need to uninstall similar tools which give you partial access to file directories such as Unrestr1ct0r before proceeding to install AFC2.

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How to download and install Apple File Conduit 2

For this installation, you need a computer running Windows or macOS, an iOS device running a jailbreak and a USB cable. Proceed with the download and installation as follows:

  1. Open Cydia and navigate to the ‘Sources’ tab.
  2. Choose ‘Edit’, then tap on ‘Add’ and enter the Apple File Conduit 2 iOS 11 repo by entering this URL; http:// . You can alternatively add the Apple File Conduit’s .deb package from https:// and wait for Cydia to add the repository.
  3. Head back and click on the ‘Search’ tab.
  4. Type in ‘AFC2 for iOS 11’ and choose the first result that comes up.
  5. Tap ‘Install’
  6. Confirm the installation then tap on ‘Return to Cydia’

To gain access to your iOS device’s filesystem on your PC, you need to download and install the ‘iFunBox’ tool. To install the tool onto a MacBook or an iMac, you need to open the .dmg file and move it into ‘Applications’. iFunBox is only compatible with Windows and macOS platforms and doesn’t support Linux as of yet.

After downloading and installing Apple File Conduit 2 on your iOS device through Cydia, connect your iDevice to your computer and tap on ‘Trust’ when prompted to trust the computer.

How to use Apple File Conduit 2

With Apple File Conduit 2 installed on your phone and iFunBox installed on your computer, you are now ready to access your iDevice’s filesystem and tweak to your heart’s content. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Launch iFunBox on your PC or macOS device.
  2. On the sidebar, select the ‘Raw File System’ option. This will access your iOS device’s root folder and its sub-folders.

Unlike other root folder access tools such as Unrestr1ct0r, Apple File Conduit 2 doesn’t break iTunes and syncing with iTunes still works flawlessly.

Apple File Conduit 2 might not be a tool you need every other day, but for the time you, in fact, need it to solve an ill-installed tweak or replace a stock ringtone. Hopefully this guide will come in handy.

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