Best apps like GarageBand for making music

When it comes to making music, GarageBand is without doubt one of the best apps you can use. With a variety of sounds and digital instruments for composing beats, it is definitely a notch higher than most music composing apps.

However, Garageband only caters to Apple devices. But don’t worry yet. There are many alternatives that can work on iOS, Android, PC and other devices. Additionally, these GarageBand alternatives are just as good and can help you to make beat in minutes.

Top alternatives for GarageBand for Windows PC

If you are using a Windows PC, these apps like GarageBand will be ideal for you:

1. Music Maker Jam

music maker jam

With Music Maker Jam, you don’t need any prior experience to compose beats. Infact, you can create beats and record vocals in an instant. You can take advantage of its 8-channel mixer, to create a perfect mix of different songs.

You can also create loops, sync tracks and put songs together easily. Even better, Music Maker Jam has intuitive controls that makes the entire experience smooth. You can download on the Windows App Store for all devices using either 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems.


  • Premium audio loops to create remixes for free
  • Amazing real-time effects.
  • Availability of various sounds through in-app purchases.

Pricing: Free (Offers in-app purchases)

2. FL Studio 20

FL Studio

FL Studio 20 is a project by Image-Line to celebrate their 20 years in the field. What you’ll notice with this software is that everything is easy –from composing and recording to mixing, and mastering.

FL Studio 20 is popular among many big artists like the late Tim Bergling and Martin Garrix, just to name a few. You can download the software from Image-Line and it works on all devices using either 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems.


  • Multi-track audio recording, time-stretching, pitch-shifting audio editing
  • 80 plug-ins (with Producer version)
  • Can resize and rearrange the user interface
  • A lifetime of free updates


FL Studio comes in four packages:

  • Fruity Edition – $99
  • Producer Edition – $199
  • Signature – $299
  • All Plugins Bundle – $899

GarageBand alternatives for iOS devices

If you are using an iOS device, you will definitely enjoy using any of these apps like GarageBand for iOS.

1. Auxy Pro


When it comes to creating beats from scratch or a blueprint for a song, Auxy Pro is the app for you. It’s very simple to use.

Auxy Pro is more suitable if one is interested in creating Electronic Dance Music or Hip Hop. If you don’t wish to start from scratch, you can acquire supplementary sound packs for $4.99 per pack. Otherwise, it’s a free app.

The app is compatible with devices running iOS 10 or higher. This applies to both iPhones and iPads.


  • Lots of stock instruments.
  • It allows for multiple effect layers.
  • Ability to change attributes within an individual instrument from scene to scene.

Pricing: Free (offers in-app purchases)

2. Figure


With Figure, you are getting a sketch board-like app where you can drop your musical ideas which are in turn developed into songs. This comes in handy for when you think of a great beat and need to record it before you forget.

Figure has a variety of tools that come on handy when recording, mixing, and mastering songs. It’s available for download on the Apple app store and it is compatible with Apple devices running on iOS 10 or higher.


  • Create complete songs with drums, bass, and lead melodies.
  • Compose and experiment by sliding your finger across the play pad.
  • Never play a bad note – Figure keeps you in key and on the beat.
  • Add cool and exciting effects to your songs with easy XY-automation.

Pricing: Free

Apps like GarageBand for macOS

For macOS users, these are the best apps that are similar to GarageBand:

1. Logic Pro X

Logix Pro X

Logic Pro X is a household name when it comes to music production on macOS devices. It boasts of a variety of instruments and effects.

An example is its 7000 royalty-free Apple loops that can be used to modify songs. Logic Pro X is compatible with macOS devices running on OS X v10.13.6 or later.


  • Quality virtual instruments.
  • A huge library of loops, synthesizers, and audio tools.
  • You can record up to 255 tracks in total for each composition, with the ability to lay down multiple tracks at the same time.
  • Control over MIDI patterns.

Pricing: $199.99

2. Ableton Live 10


Ableton Live 10 is able to stand out from GarageBand and similar apps because of its feature known as Session. It allows you to record shorter clips of music and experiment on each clip separately by adding a variety of effects.

Even better, Ableton then goes ahead to moderate the clips. This makes your work easier as a music producer. However, it requires a bit of experience.


  • Unique Session View for quick, intuitive composition, flexible performance and improvisation
  • Non-destructive editing with unlimited undo
  • Multitrack recording up to 32-bit/192 kHz
  • Powerful MIDI sequencing of software and hardware instruments
  • Advanced warping and real-time time-stretching


Free trial for 90 days then you can choose from:

  • $99 – Intro package
  • $499 – Standard package
  • $799 – Suite package

GarageBand alternatives for Android

To make beats on an Android device, these GarageBand alternatives will come in handy:

1. n-Track Music Studio DAW

ntrack studio

The n-Track Music Studio app embodies the vision of a portable recording studio. It caters for playback on both audio and MIDI tracks.

The app has tutorials for beginners, thus making the entire process very easy. Even though it is free, you will need a subscription to unlock various features.


  • Built-in synth featuring 128 MIDI instrument sounds.
  • Mono & stereo audio tracks
  • Exporting of 16, 24, or 32 bits audio files.
  • 64-bit double-precision floating-point audio engine
  • Multiple audio output support with USB devices


While the app is free, it offers in-app purchases and subscriptions:

  • Standard subscription: $0.99/month
  • Extended subscription: $1.99/month
  • Suite subscription: $3.99/month

2. Splash – Music & Beat Maker


Splash is a distinctive Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). It differs from the likes of GarageBand and Ableton because it is tailored for beginners. No experience is required at all to use this app.


  • 100% free, no ads! Spend more time creating and less time waiting.
  • Prototype new song ideas in seconds.
  • Free customizable DJ effects including Filter, Flanger, Delay, and Reverb to add another layer to your track.

Pricing: Free (offers in-app purchases)


If you were wondering which is the best GarageBand alternative, I hope you have tried out these alternatives and found what works best for you. If you know of any other alternatives that fit in with the rest discussed above, kindly let us know in the comments below.