AppSync Unified Download Guide for iOS 11, 10

AppSync is an application that allows cracked iOS apps and tweaks to be installed conveniently on your iPhone without the need to sign by Apple. With this app, you can easily jailbreak and run jailbreak apps and tweaks conveniently on your iOS 9 device. This allows you to be a super user and even install IPA files that aren’t necessarily from apps on Apple App Store.

This version of AppSync is similar to the one developed for iOS 8.4 and so far it runs swiftly on iOS 9.3.3, 10, and 11 as well as devices which use the latest Pangu jailbreak. Although after jailbreak you can run Cydia and other jailbreak apps, it is worth noting that AppSync is one of those apps that should be installed first so that stores like Zeusmos, vShare, and AppCake, that provide free premium apps can run swiftly.

This is because such stores require you to download an IPA file to download apps, something which cannot be installed without AppSync.

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How to install AppSync on iOS 11, 10

Follow the steps below to install App Sync on your iPhone, iPad Air, or iPod Touch. Remember that your device doesn’t have to be jailbroken first before you install this version.

  • Open Cydia
  • Tap on Sources > Edit > Add
  • Type (which is the AppSync repo)
  • Add the repo
  • Search for AppSync Unified
  • Tap install
  • Wait for it to install before you run it

How to install AppSync without jailbreaking

To install Appsync without jailbreaking, you need to install OpenAppMkt first. In this tutorial, I will show you how to do exactly that and install Appsync Unified on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod that isn’t jailbroken.

  • Go here to learn how to download OpenAppMkt
  • Wait for the installer to download and install Cydia on your iPhone
  • Search for Appsync
  • Tap to download and install it

The process is simple and won’t take you even 5 minutes to install the app on your non-jailbroken device.

Now that you have installed AppSync, you can enjoy running apps of your choice in ipa format without having to encounter any problems. In addition, this app will ensure that Cydia runs perfectly and doesn’t have any problems with signing the apps or any tweaks that are installed. This tweak works for all versions of iOS 9, 10, and 11.

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AppSync is essential for any device since it provides a platform that the devices can use to run smoothly. This tutorial should help you install this app and should there be any problems, leave a comment below.