Aviador Wallet Has Built-In Tracker, 8GB Flash, NFC & More

Slimmer wallets have fast been adopted with the world making that quick shift from paper money to plastic money. Cashless payment is universally acceptable, making it convenient.

On the other hand, technology is controlling almost every aspect of our lives. While wallets and technology may seem to be from opposite worlds, Aviador wallet brings them together.

aviador wallet with tracker reviewed

With the Aviador wallet, your wallet does more than just hold cash. It connects to your iPhone and together they make a lot of things possible.

From NFC payments to trackers and alerts when you’ve lost your wallet, this wallet is more convenient than ever. It comes with a very slim and minimal look that will make you doubt its capability at first, only to be disapproved when you use it.

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The Aviador wallet is technology-packed. It comes with a tracker that you can use to find your wallet whenever you have lost or misplaced it.

And it doesn’t come into play only when you think you’ve lost your wallet. In fact, it alerts you when the distance between your iPhone and your wallet is extensive and shows GPS coordinates of its location.

aviador wallet with flash

This wallet comes with an 8GB flash memory to help you store your important data with you. It has a panic button and an NFC chip that can be used when making payments and opening doors. If your wallet falls into the wrong hands, it will send an alert to inform you when it is opened.

Aviador wallet comes in a variety of colors and is designed from tough leather with metal at the top. With Aviador wallet, you can find your iPhone using the wallet and find your wallet using the iPhone. It couldn’t get any better than this!