7 best encrypted messaging and calling apps for iPhone on iOS 12

As technology evolves, concerns about the safety of our data increases. Hackers are constantly trying to break into any machine that is connected to the internet while big corporations that deal in data are constantly sniffing for your preferences, purchase history, and search history in order to “make advertising better.”

Since you can’t shy away from technology, you have to adopt advanced measures to keep your data safe. Whether it is photos or documents, there are various way to ensure that they don’t fall in the wrong hands when communicating-and even if they do, they can’t be accessed. This is where file encryption apps for iOS come in and we’ve listed the best apps that you can get in this category.

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Signal was created by Open Whisper, an open-source encryption software system. It offers end-to-end voice call and text messaging encryption. In other words, you will have calling and texting experience which is free and safe. Only you and recipient can see the messages.

The app allows you to exchange media files and any other documents securely and the best part is that it doesn’t store your data.

Download Signal



Wickr is a free file encryption software that provides several secure communications services. It gives you the ability to share videos, photos, and leave voice messages. Still, you can create groups, and send encrypted files.

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If you want to scale your privacy, especially for your business or your team, then you could benefit from this software.

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If you want to hide pictures and videos on iPhone, consider WhatsApp.  At the moment, it’s among the best file encryption apps on the market. It has end-to-end encryption and it’s available on different devices.

This is ideal when looking for a secure app that is already in use by many people, so that you won’t have to tell any of your friends to install a new application in order to chat with you.

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This application is somehow different from others. This file encryption app for iOS focuses on file encryption. It acts as a security layer between your device and cloud storage devices. It is compatible with apps like Onedrive, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, and Google Drive.

Cryptomator conceals data before it reaches the desired cloud storage solution. It uses AES encryption with a 256-bit key length. Encryption is done on the client-side. As a result, information is not shared with an online service.

The iOS version of Cryptomator costs $1.99 while the desktop version is provided on a pay as you use basis.

Download Cryptomator

Silent Phone

Silent Phone

Silent Phone is a subscription-based service. The subscriber is the one who has the key to the encryption. No intruder is able to access your calls. Silent Phone is also one of the lock files on iPhone that offers secure file transfers. It also encrypts messages and conference calls.

You can therefore have a conference call without worrying about other people tapping into the conversation.

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Simlar was developed to edge out the third-party. The same is abbreviated to MITM or MITMA. This is where a spy attack, modify and share the information between the two parties. To know your communication is safe, Simlar displays a small code on the screen.

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This code is displayed on your number as a symbol that you are both looking at the same thing.

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Zoiper encrypts all calls not only on iPhone but across different devices. It’s so far the best file encryption app for iOS designed with business in mind. The best part, it can be connected to remote workers utilizing the business phone system.

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Encryption is one element of an established security structure. And for it to be successful, it will depend on strong passwords or keys. Encrypting data using any of the above free file encryption software will help you in several ways.

One, your files will remain readable and eligible to you and those whom you share the information. Two, no information will be leaked. Three, no spy will access or later your calls, text messages and files.

Above is some of the best file encryption app for iOS available for you. The worst and last thing you may want is to become a victim of the mobile scam. No doubt, mobile hacking does exist. We are discussing proactive measures to prevent the occurrence.

Don’t compromise your data. Depending on your needs and usage, chose the free file encryption software that will accomplish your needs.

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