Best Crossword Puzzle Apps for the iPhone

Crossword puzzle games are exciting and mind-blowing. They invoke thought and will help you learn new words. This is why crossword games have stood the test of time and are loved in every corner of the world.

Since not everybody has access to a newspaper, wouldn’t it be great to have the best crossword puzzle for your iPhone? Well, in this post, I will feature the best free crossword apps for the iPhone to help you download the most exciting apps that are mostly free.

Get ready to have your knowledge tested, ability to create patterns with words invoked, and your prowess at problem-solving tried. Here are the best crossword puzzle apps for iPhone and iPad users.

1. Crossword by AppyNation

Crossword – World's BiggestIf you are looking for an amazing experience playing a crossword puzzle, then Crossword by AppyNation is your ideal pick.

This game has hundreds of puzzles guaranteed to keep your mind working all year. It comes with thousands of clues to help you where you may get stuck.

With this crossword app for iOS, you will get three game modes: World’s Biggest Crossword, World’s Tallest Crossword, and the Daily Diamond Puzzle. In the World’s Biggest, you will enjoy a giant grid of over 350 crossword puzzles in different complexity levels.

The World’s Tallest Crossword is a collection of 100 extra-large crossword puzzles with bigger grids, longer words, and tougher clues. Working your way through this puzzle will be one exceptional experience. On the other hand, the diamond puzzle is a bonus puzzle given daily as a reward for passing challenges. You can use in-app purchases to unlock more experiences quickly.

2. Crossword US

Crossword USThe crossword US app is an excellent puzzle app you can enjoy during your coffee break. If you are tired of the complex NY times crossword puzzles that are too difficult to understand, let alone play, this is your ideal app.

With over 540 US-style professional puzzles and no-ads, this app is seamless to use on the iPhone and the iPad. You can pinch to zoom in and turn the phone to switch to landscape mode. You can also pause and resume whenever you like.

Useful features that have been included to boost gameplay include cheats and answer-checking features, support for an external keyboard, and zoom.


3. Little Crossword Puzzles

Little Crossword PuzzlesLooking for mini puzzles, you can solve quickly to break monotony before returning to what you were doing? Little Crossword Puzzles iPhone app offers great mini puzzles that you can easily solve in less than 5 minutes. These easy crosswords come in various difficulty levels and are available in 3 languages, including French.

With the Little Crossword iOS app, you don’t need to buy a newspaper to enjoy a crossword puzzle. In addition, you will enjoy puzzles that fit precisely on your screen, so you don’t need to zoom in. Its clean and modern interface means that you don’t need scrolling and won’t spend too much time intended on a single puzzle.

You can skip any puzzles you feel are too tough for you, and there is a checking feature with every letter you type to show you if you are right or wrong. If you like puzzles but don’t have enough time to play, this is your ideal game.

4. Crossword Puzzles! By Zelnut

Crossword Puzzles! By ZelnutIf you are bored of those plain puzzles in newspapers and some apps and are looking for a livelier experience, you should try Crossword Puzzles!

This game has dozens of beautiful background images of various travel destinations to complement the free daily puzzles of various difficulty levels. You can check your entries as you type and even look at the hints and cheats to find out if you have the correct answer.

While some puzzles are available online, most can be played offline. The app also supports portrait and landscape orientations on both the iPhone and iPad.

5. Crossword Puzzle by Redstone

Crossword Puzzle by RedstoneThis app is undoubtedly one of the best crossword apps for the iPhone and has thousands of downloads to show for it.

It offers hundreds of free puzzles that you can play across all devices, whether you have an iPhone or iPad. The developer also provides new crossword puzzles monthly that come in downloadable packs.

Some of the features you will enjoy from this app include the Smart Look Up, which gives suggestions whenever you have difficulty finding words.

It also provides clues to reveal some letters since crosswords are a learning process. You can skip filled cells during navigation, highlighting all the wrong entries.

With a clean and modern interface and plenty of puzzles to play even when offline, this crossword app provides an awesome experience. It also comes with in-app purchases.

6. Puzzazz Crossword Puzzle

Puzzaz puzzles come with plenty of crosswords and puzzles, including the exciting Sudoku puzzles. With this app, you will enjoy browsing through and solving thousands of puzzles compiled by experts in the field.

The app is built to provide more interaction, showcased by its TouchWrite feature that allows you to type with your hand or stencil. You can use an Apple Pencil or the 3D Touch feature to easily switch between different inputs.

It supports different device orientations and provides hints and clues whenever you need some. Its ease of use and availability of many different puzzles makes it one of the best puzzle apps.

Crosswords With Friends

Crosswords With FriendsCrossword With Friends is an interesting puzzle game that is themed to give you an exciting experience each time you play. The crosswords in this app have been developed by some of the best crossword authors, including Amy Reynaldo of How to Conquer the New York Times crossword.

This game is built to exercise your brain, which is a feat that it achieves easily through exciting puzzles that will thrill you and expand your vocabulary. The game comes with fun puzzle themes for each day of the week and includes celebrity puzzle games.

Other challenges include Climb The Leaderboard and challenge playing alongside friends. Crosswords With Friends is an easy and interactive game that will get you hooked on crosswords. Besides, it also has hints and cheats to help you when you need them.

Daily Celebrity Crossword

Daily Celebrity CrosswordThe Daily Celebrity Crossword is a popular crossword app created by some of the most renowned authors. The result is hundreds of crosswords that will keep you playing every day of the year. Some cool features include themes for each day of the week which will get you excited and looking forward to the next day’s theme.

You can reveal words and even see answers to any celebrity quiz you have answered incorrectly. If you are stuck, check the hints to get a solution and learn something new. Playing the Daily Celebrity Crossword is fun since the faster you play, the more stars you win.

The next time you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam, on a boring trip, on a daily commute in the subway, or on a coffee break, why don’t you try enlightening yourself with these top crossword puzzle apps for iOS?

They are both easy to use and are available at no cost. Some may have additional in-add purchases, but others allow you to play all crosswords for free. Have fun with them.