5 best face dance apps for Android

Want to add fun and facial movement to pictures you’ve taken of yourself or your family? With a face dance app, you can do this and much more.

These AI photo animators allow you to lip-sync and animate your selfies or pictures from the hundreds of facial animations available.

Many face dance apps are available, but only a few have features that you’ll find useful. Here’s a list of these top apps based on our research and experience. We’ve also considered customer ratings.

5 best face dance apps for Android phones

These are the top 5 face dance apps for Android users:

1. FaceX: AI Face Dance Animator

FaceX app

  • Developer: Apps Family
  • Price: Free
  • Download

Do you want to make your photos funny or pass the time by editing photos? FaceX is one of the popular apps like Face Dance that you should try out. The app is unique because you can lip-sync your photos using AI.

With the DeepFake software, you can make your selfie or photo recite your dialogue from your favorite movie or series. It can also swap your face using the funny mood feature that goes along with your dialogue.

Turn your photos into comedy videos using this app and laugh them off with family and friends.

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2. Avatarify: AI Face Animator


  • Developer: Avatarify AI
  • Price: Free/ In-app purchases.
  • Download

With Avatarify, you can bring your photos to life and prank your friends. You can choose a photo of yourself, your friends, your family, or a meme and edit it using the app’s AI feature.

In addition, it has a large list of music you can choose from that your picture can lip-sync to.

Once done editing your photo, you can export it and share it across social media platforms. To explore the app’s extra features, you can choose a subscription plan between $2.49 and $39.99 to make your images lively.

3. Revive: Face Photo Animator

Revive Face Photo Animator

  • Developer: ReviveLTD
  • Price: Free/ In-app purchases.
  • Download

Do you want to combine humor with your photo editing skills to the next level? Then, look no further because Revive app is the best one for you.

The app uses AI to edit your photos into cool animated photos. I enjoyed using this app because it is efficient, even for a beginner.

You can create live portraits and add lip sync in your photos with various animation effects. To do this, upload your photo, pick the photo you want to lip-sync with, and tap on Revive to bring your image to life.

You can choose any song from its variety of artists, movies, and TV shows and share it with family, friends, or social media.

The pro features are accessible at a subscription fee of $0.99 – $48.99, depending on your subscription plan. With this app, you can make Marilyn Monroe sing your favorite song, and Abraham Lincoln quotes your favorite dialogue from a movie or TV show.

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4. Mimic – AI Photo Face Animator

Mimic – AI Photo Face Animator

  • Developer: ScaleUp
  • Price: Free/ In-app purchases
  • Download

Mimic is among the best face dance app for Android that is free and accessible to all users. It makes your photos fun and hilarious by making them sing to the music of your choice.

In addition, the app allows you to generate funny videos of celebrities, memes, and personal photos and make them viral.

The app, similar to Avatarify, has an extensive music track collection where you can choose the music of your choice. In addition, your collection of animated videos can be shared across social media platforms and Messenger.

This android app also has unlimited features accessible by paying a subscription plan that ranges from $3.49 and $34.99.

5. Mug Life – 3D Face Animator

Mug Life 3D Face Animator

  • Developer: Mug Life
  • Price: Free/ In-app purchases of $1.99- $2.99 per item
  • Download.

Mug Life is similar to Face Dance App, which you will enjoy. It is a 3D face animator app that turns simple photos into realistic 3D animated photos. You have to choose a photo, and the app will do the rest.

You can also download community animations, paste them into your photos, or even play with their facial features.

This app is addictive, and you can use as many animations as you want, regardless of whether it is a selfie of you, your friends, your family, or a meme.

Additionally, you can export, download and share the pictures as animated GIFs, animated Facebook avatars, HD videos, or stills.

The app is free to download all its content and share through various platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you would like pro features, you can pay for the Pro Tools Unlimited Access Subscription, which is optional. It also has a subscription plan based on a monthly, annual, or one-time purchase. Then, take your humor to the next level using the Mug Life app.