10 best free calling apps for iPhone and iPad

The introduction of smartphones has completely changed the telecommunication industry. An iPhone provides more communication options, provided you have a good internet connection. With this device, you can take advantage of calling apps for iPhone and iPad devices. It goes without saying that free call and text apps will no doubt, cut down your voice plan usage.

Apps that make free calls on iPhones and iPads are often hindered by a poor data connection. This has led to the development of better call apps that aren’t resource intensive. What’s even better is that most of these apps are free to download. Check them out.



Juscall is a free telephone iOS app that allows you to make local and international calls at no cost. It functions as a pay-you-go service. You can call other phone numbers just like a normal phone service but for free. Still, you can buy credits and the credits got no expiration date.

If you invite friends, complete email offers, watch ads, and other stuff, you earn free credits. Provided you don’t consider spam emails and video ads. You can also make international calls with Juscall.

Download Juscall

Facebook Messenger

FB Messenger

Facebook Messenger supports text messaging, video and voice calls. No doubt, it’s the most desired messaging app on any platform. It doesn’t do phone numbers. So far, it’s the best free calling app for iPhone to internet calls because it has many users.

Download Facebook Messenger



Skype works quite well on both its mobile and desktop version. The mobile version is related to the desktop version. To make international call free via Skype, both parties need to use Skype. To make phone number calls, you will be charged a minute fee. Although in recent days, the popularity of this platform fell drastically.

Download Skype



Talkatone is a telephone app for iPhone that uses credits to call actual phone numbers. This app lets you watch videos and complete offers for free credits. It’s the perfect option for those who aren’t fond of making numerous phone calls and text messages. Besides, incoming calls are free. Don’t expect a powerful experience with Talkatone but, it’s an amazing one.

Download Talkatone

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

This Google messenger app supports free voice and video calls. Still, you can use it to call real phone numbers but only if you have Google Voice number. However, Google is moving away from hangouts to Google Duo and Google Allo. Duo supports free voice and video calls. To make free calls, both parties must have Duo or Hangouts.

Download Google Hangouts



This app is popular with gamers. It features chats, servers, and more functionality. You can make free calls through the app but it won’t call directly to a local telephone number. You can also voice chat with anyone as long as they are on the platform. It’s a decent app that is entirely free and available on several devices.

Download Discord

Signal Private Messenger


If you like privacy, this is the app as it has end-to-end encryption. It boasts of other features such as voice calling. The best part is that this app is free with no in-app purchases. The messaging features work perfectly well.

Download Signal



TextNow  is among the free call services that you can use on iOS. You can make actual phone calls as long as you get a phone number and credits for phone calls. By watching video ads or completing email offers, you earn credits. TextNow also features customizable features like a voice account. It has a premium subscription which nullifies the need for credits. Above all, it’s among the best free calling app for iPhone.

Download TextNow



The Line is a popular chat app that has a face-to-face video call option. It functions like Facebook and just like other apps; calls between Line users are completely free. It does not support group video calls. But if you pay you can make audio calls to cell phones and landline phones out of Line network.

Download Line



Viber features voice and video calling. Still, it’s a popular messaging service which is similar to WhatsApp and similar apps. The app has thrilling features like group chats and stickers.

The sound quality is good. Viber can also call directly to a phone number but at a fee. Though, Viber-to-Viber calls are free.

Download Viber

There you have it. These are the best free call and texts apps that you can easily download and use on your iPhone.