5 best free geocaching apps in 2023

Are you an adventurous or outdoor individual who enjoys camping or walking in nature? You may enjoy geocaching, an outdoor activity involving using caches.

Various geocaching apps help you find millions of geocaches worldwide hidden within your region, but only a few are the best.

1. Geocaching

GeoCaching apps

  • Developer: Groundspeak Inc.
  • Price: Free/In-app purchases.

Geocaching is the most popular app in the geocaching category. The app helps you navigate your location, searching for caches left by other geocachers. You also get to visit the best places within your location and beyond.

Enjoy an outdoor vacation with your family while engaging in a little treasure hunt. Afterward, take your curiosity and adventure to the next level using the Geocaching app.

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The app also has a premium package that allows you to send messages, access all geocache types, and filter your geocache and trails.

There are two premium plans: the monthly plan costing $5.99 and the annual plan of $29.99. Geocaching is available on Android and iOS devices.

Download for Android or iOS

2. c:geo


  • Developer: c:geo team
  • Price: Free

c:geo is another of the best free geocaching apps for Android devices. The advantage of using this app is that you can download maps and caches offline. Despite its UI not being as appealing as Geocaching, it has free useful features that can be accessed through the app.

You can also navigate through caches and finds offline and online and save them in lists. Additionally, you can import and export GPX files and create and manage waypoints.

The app uses Google Maps and OpenStreetMaps as well as a compass to help you navigate through your trail. c:geo is free to download, install and use and only available for Android phones.

Download for Android

3. Cachly – Geocaching

Cachly Geocaching

  • Developer: Zed Said Studios LLC.
  • Price: Free/In-app purchases.

Another geocaching app to check out is Cachly, which is available on iOS devices only. The pros of using this app are that it has a TB scanner that allows you to scan trackable codes easily.

You can also view your friend’s geocaches, add them to Cachly and share caches with them through iMessage and social media platforms.

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Interestingly, unlike all iOS geocaching apps, you can use Cachly on your Apple Watch. You can also access and filter caches and maps offline and upload logbooks simultaneously.

It has a list of map options, including Apple Maps, Google Maps, Pocket Earth, and many others. The app is free to use but also has premium features that are accessible by paying a subscription plan of $4.99.

Download for iOS

4. Looking4Cache Pro

Looking4Cache Pro

  • Developer: Looking4Cache UG
  • Price: Free/ In-app purchases.

Looking4Cache Pro gives you access to more than two million geocaches worldwide from Groundspeak’s Geocaching platform.

You can also store information such as geocaches, logs, waypoints, and photos on your phone. It also has an offline map feature that allows you to optimize your phone’s battery on a long hunt.

You can, however, import and export the GPX files locally on your device. The app UI is user-friendly, and it is also easy to navigate through.

Unfortunately, the free version is limited; therefore, you can access its limited features by paying the subscription fee, which is $3.99.

Download for iOS

5. GeoCaches

GeoCaches app

  • Developer: Y.Lukyanets.
  • Price: Free/ In-app purchases.

GeoCaches is an easy-to-use geocaching app that is available on iOS devices. You can filter the map to display your desired search, and you can access the map in offline mode.

The only drawback is that you must manually set the notification option concerning the nearest cache.

It also categorizes the cache according to size, difficulty, and terrain levels. The lower the number level, the smaller the cache is and the less difficult to find the cache. Unfortunately, the app does not have in-built navigation and relies on Apple Maps.

The app is free but has premium features between $0.99 and $22.99. GeoCaches is available for iOS devices only on the App Store.

Download for iOS

We have listed the best free geocaching apps for iPhone and Android devices. You can then choose whether you want a free or paid app with offline maps and other features important in geocaching. Despite the hobby being old as the treasure hunt, these apps make geocaching more exciting and enjoyable.

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