7 best puzzle games for iPhone that you should check out

Mobile puzzle games have become more complex and interesting over the last couple of years. These games will provoke you to think and plan ahead. As a result, you will either be required to create a killer chain combination or a plain old strategy to keep from getting wiped off.

With many puzzle games floating in the app store, choosing the best strategy puzzle game might be a challenge. Perhaps you have acquired a new iPhone or you just missed a gem, below are the best puzzle apps you should try out:

1. Prune

Prune for iOS

Prune is a great strategy puzzle game for those looking for experience to balance silence with increasing stress. This game is about helping tree branches grow towards sunlight.

But for this to happen, you need to trim branches growing in the wrong direction. At this point, you have to direct your tree around different obstructions so it can be in clear view.

Download: Prune

2. The Room (Series)

the room

You will want to pay attention to this game if you are a gamer who grew up enjoying Myst. This game is a series that engage players to survey different boxes that can be opened by hunting for levers, switches, and unseen mechanisms. All these are controlled by complex puzzles.

No doubt, it’s tough but the moment you unlock all The Room Mysteries, you will be desperate for more.

Download: The Room

3. Monument Valley (series)

monument valley

Monument Valley is a puzzle solving game that has style, sense of discovery, and substance. The story behind this game is that of Ida, a princess in a world of hopeless relations. As a player, you search and locate the princess world as she does. Still, you have to guide her through stairwells and doorways as you look around, push, and move the environment to help her advance.

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Monument Valley is a beautiful game with a captivating description whose words are revealed through gameplay. It is perhaps for this reason that it has emerged the winner in several prestigious awards.

Download: Monument Valley

4. Touchtone


TouchTone, a strategy puzzle game that proves a game can be a challenging puzzle or riveting social message. It does present twisting lines that need to be linked to like-colored nodes. To achieve this, however, you need to slide rows and columns containing objects that can be split and redirect the lines in individual directions.

But the lines are of communication. So, as a citizen who adheres to laws, you need to monitor communication as part of your civil right. You will follow the teasing story as you try to establish whether you what you are listening to is relevant to protecting the country.

Download: Touchtone

5. World of Goo

World of Goo

World of Goo is among the earliest puzzle games in the app store. At the moment, it has remained one of the best mobile puzzle games. Gamer’s draws humanlike balls of goo to create structures that while unsafe, will still stand the test of time. You need these structures so as to help other goo left out of reach. This game is challenging, charming and unique.

Download: World of Goo

6. Rules


From the noun that is its name, Rules is a puzzle solving game about following rules. You need to follow all the rules the way you receive them, but only in reverse.

The idea behind this game is to taste your memory and speed. Each round, you will clear certain tiles using a single rule. The next round, a new rule is introduced and you have to do the same. If you want to see your way to the end you will have to memorize all the rules in reverse order. The first rule; don’t break the rules.

Download: Rules

7. Pair Solitaire

Pair Solitaire

Pair Solitaire from Vitaly Zlotskiy is a game that asks players to match pairs of cards. The challenge in this game comes where you have to pair cards separated by one card. After you’ve arranged the cards, you’ll just need to remove one card in the pair.

For instance, if you have two hearts, you remove the one you touch. The same story applies to if you have two kings. Your ultimate goal should be to clear as many cards as you can from the standard deck of 52 cards before running out of possible moves.

Download: Pair Solitaire

And there you have it. Our picks for 7 interesting multi puzzle games for your iPhone. Give a shot at them but be prepared to spend plenty of time refreshing your brain.