7 Best YouTube Caching Apps For iPhone

When you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can watch videos and download media on your iPhone or iPad without restrictions. However, on a metered network, a little time on the web can cost you quite a lot in internet charges. One site that is known to consume a lot of data is YouTube. This is why there are apps that have been developed to help cache YouTube videos for offline viewing. And here is a list of the best YouTube caching apps:

Top iPhone apps that cache YouTube videos

Whether you want to save movies for offline viewing or you need an app that can cache a YouTube songs list, this post is meant for you.

  1. MusicTube

If your main intention is to listen to music, then MusicTube is the best YouTube cache app you can get. This app allows you to play videos from different music genres including hip-hop, rock, and pop, among others. The streams are of high quality and playlists can be cached for offline listening. You can also play music videos in the background while multitasking.

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  1. iTube Cache

iTube has been a dominant app among apps that cache music from YouTube. This app not only allows you to play videos, but you can also create songs lists and play music in the background. If you want free apps that cache videos, then this is the app you should download. This app is available for both Apple and Android users.

  1. McTube

McTube has a clean UI that is simple and easy to use. Its classic layout isn’t the only highlight -this iPhone app can also play your YouTube videos offline thanks to its cache feature.

  1. MyTube

MyTube contains plenty of features than most apps that have been developed to cache YouTube videos on the iPhone. It allows downloading videos and also saving them for watching offline. The app works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apart from being available for download free of charge, it also has a simple UI that makes it easy to play music, multitask, and even share your favorite videos to your social networks.

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  1. Tube Player

TubePlayer comes with an impressive yet functional UI that allows you to do more than just stream YouTube videos. At first, you may have difficulties understanding this app, but as soon as you grasp the basics, you won’t have any problems using it. Its impressive list of functions make it one of the best apps that cache YouTube videos.

  1. MxTube

MxTube has excelled where many YouTube Cache apps have failed. It delivers a smooth experience which makes it one of the best apps to cache YouTube videos. You can play videos in background mode and allows you to download high quality videos. You can view videos in both portrait and landscape modes and it allows you to comment, rate, and share your songs.

  1. NetTube

One of the most underrated apps on the list, NetTube, allows you to do most things the other caching apps do and that is why it is one of the best iPhone apps to cache YouTube videos. You can watch your videos and even share and download them. It comes with plenty of settings to play around with. The most popular is the sleep setting that enables you to turn off the background YouTube streaming for a considerable amount of time.

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When dealing with apps that allow you to cache YouTube videos, it is important to note that some of them might breach the TOS of YouTube and thus you will be liable for any infringement. While the apps on this list can be considered good YouTube cache apps based on the way they perform, we do not purport that everything they do is within the law.

Wrapping up

Now that you have got the best apps to cache YouTube videos, you can now enjoy offline viewing whenever you want. Some of them are solely for videos while others can also be used on other song sites such as SoundCloud. If there is any other app that you wish to include on this list, let us know.