8 best GameBoy emulators to download in 2023

If you are a fan of GBA, you must know a thing or two about GBA emulators for iOS and other devices. No doubt, Game Boy Advance (GBA) is the most outstanding success by Nintendo.

They allow players to enjoy their favorite games from wherever they are.  These emulators are designed to excite the Game Boy effect. For this reason, you can play your all-time preferred GBA games on your iOS device and your computer.

Game Boy Advance is an upgrade of the Game Boy Color version. The upgraded genre is capable of running advanced games. Also, it has powerful hardware, and the quality of color is top-notch. There are several Game Boy Advance emulators available to download.

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Top 8 GameBoy emulators

The following are the best GBA emulators for iOS that will enable you to play GBA games easily.

1. No$GBA Emulator


No$GBA, also known as No$GBA, is among the best Gameboy emulator for iPhone that has cemented its presence due to a rare name.  The emulator, however, has more than just a name. It can run Nintendo DS games apart from just being able to run GBA games.

Be it as it may, the DS sector isn’t properly developed and perfected. Above all, the emulator works perfectly with various games. For this reason, it can emulate GBA and DS games. Also, it allows the use of the controller. Finally, players can configure games the way they want.

No doubt, No$GBA is one of the best emulators that cover most emulation with ease. No & GBA emulator cannot run DS games effectively.


  • It has controller support
  • It runs NDS and GBA games
  • It has great optimization


  • The emulator cannot run all NDS games effectively.


3. mGBA


This emulator is a new generation of Game Boy Advance. The unique thing about mGBA is that it precedes the support for the game more than what is normally supported. In other words, you get extra features when you play GBA ROMS on the computer.

Some of the extra features are the ability to save the game whenever you prefer. It also features cheat code support. It has patches for the game that do not run well and are easy to use. Even though developers should have worked on some advanced features.


  • It allows the use of cheat codes
  • It supports a huge collection of GBA games
  • It’s simple to set up and use.


  • It doesn’t have advanced features.


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3. VisualBoy Advance

Visual Boy Advance

VisualBoy Advance is one of the oldest yet, best GBA emulators you can think of. The available version is more advanced and optimized for different platforms. The original version was characterized by lag on low-end systems.

The modified version of VisualBoy Advance is equipped with features that are not available in the standard handheld console. As a result, this has changed the game experience on this emulator. Players can enjoy games the way they want making it one of the best Game Boy Advance emulators.

Apart from that, the emulator is free. It gets constant updates. It allows GBA games to be played on a PC.


  • It uses cheat codes to add excitement to the game
  • It has support control and button remapping
  • It can record your gameplay or take screenshots
  • With it, you can save the game whenever you want


  • It does not run well on old devices


4. BatGBA


BatGBA is the best GBA emulator for iOS. It focuses on simplicity. It takes a very small space and runs on almost any device. The emulator has been in the market for almost a decade. It allows players to run all commercial and noncommercial GBA games.


  • The emulator is the best to gamers who want simplicity
  • It operates every GBA game
  • It does not require advanced knowledge


  • It lacks advanced features as in most emulators


5. Higan GBA Emulator

Higan GBA Emulator

Higan GBA emulator lets you play GBA games on iOS, PC, and more. The emulator is simple. For this reason, it can run on almost every device you install.

Players can control the emulator how they want due to its ease of use. Apart from that, fans enjoy support for GBA games. The emulator supports several console types, for instance, Game Gear, Sega Master System Super Famicom, to mention but a few.

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It’s worthwhile to note that the audio is lag in a few games


  • The emulator has an advanced color reproduction
  • It’s easy to set up
  • It supports most ROMS to emulate


  • In some games, the sound is a bit laggy


6. GBA.emu


This particular emulator has made it to the list because of its amazing features. To start with, GBA.emu can run most of the games you may want to play. The emulator is capable of quicksaving. Besides, players can cheat with code supports which adds fun to the game. Still, you can install BIOS emulation and enjoy the control support.

You can play it from wherever you are. However, to install the emulator, you have to pay $5.


  • It uses cheat codes to add fun to the game
  • It has support control
  • You can play a huge collection of games


  • It’s not free


7. GBA4iOS


GBA4iOS has captured millions of Game Boy players, making it one of the best GBA emulators. The emulator comes with exciting features and functions. It occupies a small space, and it’s easy to install. The user-friendly interface is easier to navigate.

Players can enjoy games of their choice using this game launcher. Still, they can use cheat codes to add fun to the game. Above all, the emulator can run both Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance.


  • It provides Wireless support and Airplay.
  • It’s compatible with a huge collection of online games
  • It supports the use of cheat codes
  • The interface is customizable
  • It synchronizes data and uses cloud storage to store files


  • The emulator has to be installed manually

It’s compatible with iOS version 8.3.0 or less. Other versions of iOS can run through a paid-down from another site.


8. My Boy!


My Boy is one of the popular yet, best Game Boy Advanced emulators. It has extra features that are unique from other emulators. For instance, you can use cable support to run high games and slow down. Also, it features fast-forward modes and hardware controller support. All these increase your chances of enjoying your preferred Game Boy Advanced games.


  • Great computing power
  • Excellent customization
  • You can play a variety of games
  • It consumes less power
  • Has a link cable emulation support
  • It has quick save options and support for cheat codes
  • Has a controller support


  • No negatives reported


All these emulators are good. Each is unique, and some have excelled in the field. Because they are the best GBA emulators, whichever you choose will take you back to your glory days.

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