10 best iMessage games to play with friends in 2022

When Apple brought gaming capabilities inbuilt into its popular messaging platform, iMessage, it became quickly apparent that the platform was to be a formidable host to a huge array of wildly entertaining apps. Then, Apple being the absolute powerhouse in the mobile sector that it is, developers answered the call for apps, stickers, and games, gracing us with such a bountiful amount from which we have compiled the best iMessage games available right now.

As long as you’re texting in the iMessage app and have an active thread going, you can jump right into an entertaining array of apps. This is perfect for spicing up your iMessage experience, or giving your busy-work while waiting on that particularly slow reply. In this guide, we have listed the 10 best iMessage games to hit the scene thus far.

1. GamePigeon

No list of best iMessage games could be complete without GamePigeon and with good reason. Boasting an inventory of over 20 different games, GamePigeon is the ultimate iMessage companion with titles including tanks, 8-ball pool, cup pong, knockout, chess and checkers, and support for several languages like English, German, Japanese, French and Chinese.

GamePigeon ensures that you and your friends want for nothing.

2. Words With Friends

Words with Friends and iMessage are a match made in app-heaven. A terrific word game, Words with Friends is a great way to build your vocabulary and have loads of fun with your friends while at it.

The game is essentially scrabbled with no time limits, so players can take as long as they wish on their turns making a single game of Words with Friends run for hours, days, or even weeks. However, the to-and-fro nature of Words with Friends makes it a great app for iMessage support and indeed fun to play. Just make sure to bring your vocabulary with you, and a lot of patience.

3. CobiHoops

Shooting hoops in iMessage sounds puzzling, at least until you get your hands on CobiHoops, then you realize that it is an oddly satisfying experience. This arcade-style game challenges you to score as many baskets as you can in a thirty-second window.

To help you on this task, the game provides a dotted line to show the trajectory of your shots and class-leading ball physics and game mechanisms. While it works as a good enough multiplayer experience, CobiHoops can be played as a single-player game just fine due to the ability to shoot unlimited trials before sending out the high-score to your friend to beat.

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4. Putt

Putt-Putt golf? Yes please! Mr. Putt packages the fun of mini-golf and delivers it in a neat iMessage app, earning its place firmly in our list of best iMessage apps. The game plays quite smoothly and manages to do so with a certain air of sophistication.

The etiquette of regular mini-golf is thankfully discarded in Mr. Putt, allowing a player to finish the course in one go before sending out an invitation to your friend to take his turn. This feature mercifully saves precious moments waiting for your turn and makes Mr. Putt bouts short, intense, and sweet.

5. Cobi Arrows

Cobi Arrows delivers that nostalgic arcade feels in an iMessage experience. The game also pushes you to master its aiming mechanism by giving players a short and intense thirty seconds to fire arrows at a target so Robin Hood-like reflexes and a sense of aim are essential.

For players looking for a richer experience, a $1.99 in-app purchase unlocks a few extra game modes and some new characters.

6. Boggle With Friends

From the same developers of Words with Friends, Boggle is basically iMessage royalty. It is a well-adapted version of the popular board game, Boggle, which features short and intense rounds between you and your friends.

Boggle gives your two minutes to find words in a 4×4 grid making it an interesting and addictive game for all ages and language abilities. Its gameplay style also makes it very effective for quick pick-and-play rounds.

7. Qiktionary

Qiktionary is a trivia-themed game based on a UK television show QI. The game allows you to unlock some very entertaining trivia and random facts based on the show in an intriguing word-game format.

Players are required to guess a four or five-letter word, with every attempt telling you which letters within your word are correct, hence with a process of elimination, you can finally uncover the word.

8. MojiQuest

MojiQuest is an interesting and unique experience to enjoy with your emoji-loving friends. With turn-based RPG elements, players create their own avatars, then head out on quests to vanquish bosses, earn XP, progress their characters, and of course gather some loot.

Like other RPGs, MojiQuest is an amazing way to while away the hours, and your friends will enjoy looting and conquering with you.

9. FastThumbs

As the name suggests, FastThumbs is an interesting way to showcase your typing skills. Your skills are evaluated by typing away ten random phrases chosen from five different musical topics. Thereafter, you earn points for speed and receive retributions for the aptly named ‘FatThumbs Penalty’ typos.

As a typing game, FastThumbs is right at home in iMessage and maybe a title you’d want to recommend to that previously mentioned slow-replier friend of yours.

10. Wit (What is this)

It takes more than a fleeting glance to understand why Wit isn’t just another puzzle game. Wit, unlike other puzzle games, allows an extraordinary level of personalization allowing you to use a photo from your collection to use as a blueprint for a puzzle for your friends. Whether you would like to create a mosaic of four or forty pictures, Wit leaves the initiative to you, with all personalization smoothly executed through intuitive swiping gestures. The game offers a personal, exciting and complex puzzle experience for you and your friends to enjoy.

Hopefully, these 10 best iMessage games will set you well on the pace to truly spicing up your messaging experience. For other tips and tricks, check out our other comprehensive guides.