7 best notification tweaks for iOS

A major advantage of running a jailbreak on an iPhone is the boundless opportunities for customization that it affords you.

One of the ways to spice up the look and feel of iOS would be to change the notification environment through iOS notification tweaks. We will cover 7 of the best iOS tweaks to change the look and feel of the notification center on the iPhone.

Like in previous iterations of iOS, the notification center receives routine redesigns and upgrades. However, part of running a jailbreak has a highly customizable and feature-rich experience that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

The notification tweaks outlined in this article offer just this experience, and despite some of them being paid tweaks, they made it on the list anyways for being that good. Read on to find out more regarding these iOS notification tweaks.

1. Notifica

We could list the features and customization options Notifica presents a jailbroken device’s owner for pages. It is limited. However, we will hint at only a few of the innumerable features of this open-source iOS notification tweak in the list outlined below:

  • Dark mode for notifications, banners, and widgets.
  • Allows you to set a modern style for your notifications, banners, and widgets.
  • Allows you to hide the ‘No older notifications’ message
  • Introduces a ‘pull to clear all’ feature.
  • Customization of notifications, banners, and widgets in the ‘now playing’ and media controls.

You can control it in the following ways:

  • Center contents
  • Set the transparency of the entire banner.
  • Customize background blur
  • Customize color gradient
  • Customize background and text colors
  • Hide the icon, app name, and the time

Perhaps more importantly, the Notifica notification tweak is completely free and open-source. This means that not only are the current features free, but more features are in development down the pipeline and will be free as well.

The impressive list of features and support, with further promised down the road due to its open-source nature while remaining polished and easy to use, earns Notifica a firm number one post on our list.

2. Palette

Palette is an iOS notification tweak that is a close and worthy alternative to notifica. However, its functionality is limited to color swaps, as the name might suggest. What sets Palette aside as a tweak you should consider is that it focuses on the elements on your iPhone that you interact with daily.

These include notifications and widgets, adding an absurd level of color customization you are bound to love.

3. Noctis12

‘Dark Mode’ is a popular model for many features in various operating systems. The popularity of ‘dark mode’ has only continued to soar, with many developers including the feature in their offerings.

Tweak developers were not to be left behind, and it was only a matter of time before one implemented dark mode. Noctis12 is by far the best implementation of a dark mode tweak, and if this dark and stealthy aesthetic is for you, the developer’s repository is worth checking out.

However, this is, unfortunately, a paid tweak, which will set you back $1.99 when you download it from the Packix repository.

4. ColorBanners2

This iOS notification tweak works highly similarly to Palette. ColorBanners2, however, allows you the complete appearance of your notifications.

You can color-code them by app icon, add a gradient, or, if you so wish, remove the color completely, leaving the translucent and blurred background. This is another paid tweak and will cost you $0.99 to download.

5. ModernXI

ModernXI is a notification tweak whose name describes what it does to your iPhone’s notification banners; it gives them a more ‘modern’ design. The tweak does this by retaining the look and feel of the notification banner’s background but makes it thinner and additionally moves the slightly larger app icon and the name to the top left corner.

These are subtle changes, but they sure make a difference. You can enjoy this tweak for free from the developer’s repository.

6. Short look

Short look is a must-have notification tweak for any iOS user running a jailbreak on an OLED device such as the iPhone X. The tweak replaces the iOS notification system whenever your phone’s display is off. Now, where notifications appear as banners on your lock screen and light up your display, a short look replaces this by presenting your notifications as customizable glyphs on a pitch-black or transparent background.

The black background looks phenomenal on an OLED and saves power. Once you raise your device to wake it, however, a short look disappears, and stock iOS notifications resume. Subtle, yet very nice. You can download it, for a fee, from its repo.

7. Notchification

As the name might suggest, notchification is all about the notch, which makes it suitable for users running a jailbreak on a device of the iPhone X family. This notification tweak complements the device’s notch and an OLED display with attractive notification animations.

Most of these animations are tricked-out designs and patterns, centered mainly around the notch area with a completely blacked-out screen elsewhere. A particularly nice touch is that these notch animations color themselves based on the main color of the app icon whose notification you’ve just received. You can download it for a small fee on the Bigboss repository.

Hopefully, this guide on the 7 best notification tweaks for iOS has helped get that extra touch of customization for jailbreak users out there. For more coverage on the best tweaks, tips, tricks, and iOS hacks and guides for jailbreak and non-jailbreak users, check out some of our other articles on the site.