15 best Manga apps for iOS

Manga has been part of the Japanese culture for decades. What started as a niche hobby in the country has now exploded onto the comic scene, where people are instantly captured by the cutesy drawings and beautiful artwork that defines manga.

If you love reading manga, you are looking for the best manga apps for iOS that provide the latest reads and a seamless browsing experience.

1. Manga Storm

Manga Storm app

Manga Storm CBR(Comic Book Reader) converts your iPhone\iPad into the ultimate comic book. It provides a quick, efficient and effective way not only to read your favorite manga but organize all your digital comics. The Manga Storm app allows you to easily import manga, supporting all popular formats such as cbr, cbz, rar, and zip.

After the importation is where Manga Storm for iOS shines, as it offers powerful organizational tools, allowing you to group your favorite manga into ‘Multilevel Comic Groups’ (folders) or ‘Comic Chapters.’ This feature is especially useful for manga released in multiple comic chapters. All in all, Manga Storm will provide you with an incomparable manga reading experience.

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2. Manga Rock

Manga rock

Your first impression of Manga Rock is bound to be good for one simple reason; the user interface. But besides looking good, Manga Rock lets you choose from various manga sources, including Kiss Manga, MangaHere, Batoto, and KissManga, among other popular sources, all categorized into various supported languages.

Manga Rock supports and provides Manga in English, Japanese, Portuguese, and German. It also lets you filter your search by sources, time, and updates and offers a paid pro-version that allows you to download extensive manga collections, get rid of in-app advertisements, and the handy ability to schedule downloads for new manga chapters.

3. ZingBox

Zingbox app for iOS

Zingbox boasts one of the largest manga libraries on this list, a powerful feature for consideration. It also has many features, including quick download speeds and a vast selection of comics.

The only qualm that most users have with the app is the somewhat gaudy UI, but because the app is free, with zero in-app purchases and support for bulk download of manga chapters, it gets a pass from us.

4. MangaZone

MangaZone app for iOS

MangaZone consists of an inventory with thousands of popular manga to choose from. It is a simple and intuitive UI that lets you click on the one that interests you to start reading. There is also a search option that allows you to find manga that may appeal to you by genre, or complete series, among others.

You can also download the manga for offline reading, but I believe it downloads to the app and not on your phone. Overall, MangaZone is a solid manga reader app on iOS and worth looking into.

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5. Manga Reader

Manga Viewer for iOS

If the name doesn’t immediately give it away, this is a Manga reader for iOS. But it secures its spot on our list by doing much more than just letting you read the manga. Manga Reader is free and collects more than 30 manga sources, allowing you to stream from different libraries while ensuring a massive library of content.

The app also includes intuitive features such as cloud syncing, bookmarking your favorite manga, and many reading and search options.

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6. VIZ Manga

VIZ Manga

Viz media is an actual manga publisher, unlike any other app on this list. They have an official manga reading app but are probably most popular to manga fans due to their Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, where they serialize much popular manga series. They also have a Naruto-specific app if Naruto, and only Naruto, is your thing.

All their apps are free to download, although there is a host of in-app purchases, sometimes to even access the content. However, even though the apps need some work and some polish, they are worthy of consideration.

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7. Manga Bird

Manga Bird for iphone, ipad

Manga Bird allows you to read and download from their extensive library of manga comics and series and access over thirty different sources. This ensures that you get your fix fresh off the presses.

The app also supports Spanish, Italian, Polish, Chinese, and Portuguese servers with an intuitive interface and innovative features, allowing you to set up your favorite comics and receive notifications whenever a new chapter arrives. All these features secure Manga Bird a particular spot on our best iOS manga apps list.

8. Shonen Jump Manga Reader

Shonen Jump manga reader

One of the serializations of the VIZ Manga media, the Shonen Jump Manga, is so well executed that we felt it deserved a spot on the list.

It is credited by many as the world’s most popular manga magazine, probably due to its efficiency in delivering some heavyweights in the Manga world such as Tokyo Ghoul, One Piece, One Punch Man, or Dragon Ball Super on the same day as they come out in their Japan homeland.

Now, despite the app featuring some in-app purchases, most of the huge titles are available completely free. That earns Shonen Jump Manga reader an honorable mention in our ‘best manga apps for iOS’ list.

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9. Manga Box

Manga Box

All of the manga on Manga Box are free. Yes, all of them. Manga Box allows you to browse the latest twelve issues and the newest issue of a manga series entirely for free. While this is indeed commendable, what cements Manga Box as one of the best alternatives for Manga comic fans on iOS is that it features quality manga from favorite authors that are very regularly updated.

This ensures that you are usually up to date with your favorite and other popular titles, all for free — a worthy addition to this list.

10. Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll launched this digital shonen manga platform long ago, and it was an instant hit. And for a good reason too. The service initially started with twelve titles, but that lineup has since been beefed up, with titles launching simultaneously with Japanese releases.

Crunchyroll Manga for iOS provides English speakers with officially licensed editions of their favorite manga, including titles published by Kodansha, Shonen Gahosha, Futabasha, and Kadokawa Shoten.

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11. Manga.Lib

MangaLib manga app

Doubling up as a Manga reader and a regular CBR, Manga.lib for iOS tries to do it all and makes a very decent effort of it. The app features an impressive inventory of manga that is regularly updated and accessible anywhere in several supported languages.

It also allows you to upload your titles in popular cbr/cbz/rar/zip and pdf formats and download their titles to read offline. Also, with its friendly yet straightforward interface, Manga.lib deserves a spot on this list.

12. Comic Zeal

Comic Zeal

Comic Zeal claims to provide the most features and the best reading experience. And we believe it comes quite close to delivering this promise with a clean and intuitive UI, featuring powerful organizational features and a smooth reading experience.

Comic Zeal for iOS also happens to have been the first comic reader on the app store, so the experience has been put to play to make your manga-reading as enjoyable as possible. The app does include some in-app purchases but mostly for themes and other aesthetic purposes, not deliberately crippling the free version.

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13. Comixology

Comixology manga app

In 2016, Comixology launched their Comixology Unlimited service that was touted as the “Netflix for Comics,” and with it, Kodansha Comics and many other manga publishers joined the hype.

The result was a well-updated inventory of the latest manga comics and series on your palm. So despite this being a paid service, we felt Comixology for iOS deserved a spot on this list.

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14. WebComics


Webcomics is one of the best Manga apps for iOS. It is an impressive library of online manga comics and an equally remarkable collaboration with over 1000 comic creators worldwide to keep that inventory updated.

The app also features an intuitive and friendly user interface, with intuitive and innovative features such as an exclusive comic image acceleration technology to save your network traffic and a mini-social media platform for comic fans and creators.

Webcomics for iOS also welcomes up-and-comic manga and comic creators to submit their comics. Therefore, this app is worth considering if you’re looking for extra experience with your manga fun.

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15. Anime Amino

Anime Amino manga app

The final entry on this list is unique. In that, it is not a manga reader at all. Instead is a social network for anime and manga lovers, and in this age of social media, it is wildly popular.

With Anime Amino for iOS, you will find a community of like-minded manga and anime lovers, and the recommendations and interactions are pure gold.

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With our comprehensive guide to Manga apps for iOS, you will surely find one that tickles your manga fancy. For more guides, tips, and tricks, check out our other articles on the site.

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