Best Phone Screen Cleaners for Your iPhone and iPad

While a bigger screen on your iPhone 8 and iPhone X increases the display size making it easier to play games and interact with your favorite apps, it ends up attracting more dust, fingerprints, and dirt more than before.

Double this up with the glass back covers on these devices and you have an even bigger area that is prone to smudges. While you might have been cleaning your iPhone previously with the edge of your shirt, the same practice might be hard to do on the iPhone 8 and X. This is why you need a phone screen cleaner.

In order to help you take proper care of your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook screen, we’ve created a comprehensive list of the best phone screen cleaners to clean your touch screen displays and glass back covers.

Schatzii Smart Cloth

The Schatzii Smart Cloth was premiered on Indiegogo where they received full funding due to their innovative way of cleaning phone screens. Unlike other cloths that have to be wetted in order to remove smudges, Schatzii Smart Cloths are pre-treated to provide long-lasting protection.

Schatzii smart screen cleaner for iPhone

They are Anti-Dust, Anti-Microbial-Resists, and Anti-Static, which makes them the best for cleaning your iPhone.

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MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

If you are familiar with those microfiber cloths used to clean eyewear, then you know how these MagicFiber cleaning cloths look and feel like. They are made from high quality microfiber which is extremely soft and makes it easier to remove dirt, dust, and smudges from your iPhone screen easily.

MagicFiber iphone screen cleaners

Measuring 6 x 7 inches, these cloths can be reused across different devices including your iPad and even MacBook. They come in packs of 30 pieces.

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Maxell Portable Phone Screen Cleaner

This screen cleaner uses a unique but effective approach compared to the wipes featured on this list. It is compact and easily gets rid of fingerprints, dust, and dirt without leaving marks and scratches on your iPhone or iPad’s screen.

Maxell screen cleaner iPhone

It comes with instructions on how to remove every spec of dirt in 3 simple steps. It is portable and can be carried in the pocket wherever you go. If you have sweaty hand, this is one of the best screen cleaners you can get for your iPhone.

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On this list, I have featured screen wipes that are capable of removing oils, grease, and grime easily. While there are many paper-like screen cleaners out there, they don’t serve the purpose. Hopefully you have found this recommendation helpful when shopping for screen wipes.