6 best torrent apps for iPhone

The iOS ecosystem could be rather bumpy for a pirate, with the system having rigid and strict measures against illegal media traffic.

However, this does not mean you cannot download your favorite shows or HD movies; it just means that you might need this guide to show you the best working torrent apps for your iPhone or another iOS device.

It is always good practice to install a VPN when accessing and downloading files, and you may want to install an ad-blocker, too, as some of these seedy sites may have advertisements and pop-ups that, apart from being nagging and irritating, might lead to malicious websites.

Now let’s get on with the six best torrent apps for iPhone right now.

µTorrent Remote

µTorrent is arguably the most popular BitTorrent client in the world, for a good reason. Its straightforward and intuitive UI and impressive download speeds (given a good connection, of course) make this a ridiculously good torrent app.

The bad news is, that there is no native app for µTorrent on iOS. This is probably due to the strict regulation of such apps in the Apple ecosystem. However, there is a relatively easy workaround for this, an official workaround no less, in the form of µTorrent Remote.

You can think of it as unfettered access to µTorrent, allowing you to add, start, stop and monitor downloads on your iPhone. This means that you need to have µTorrent running on your PC or Mac though.

To set up µTorrent Remote on your iOS device of choice, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Navigate to http://remote.utorrent.com/ on your Safari browser.
  • Choose the ‘Share’ button, right there at the bottom where you usually add bookmarks.
  • Click on ‘Add to Home Screen’ to add the µTorrent icon on your iPhone’s home page.
  • On your PC or MacOS, launch µTorrent and access preferences.
  • Select the ‘Remote’ tab then check ‘Enable µTorrent Remote.’
  • You’ll be prompted to fill in a computer name and password.
  • Select ‘Sign in’
  • On your iOS device, launch the µTorrent Remote web icon from your home screen and enter the same credentials you chose on your computer.

That’s it! You can now enjoy the new µTorrent for iOS experience, allowing you to manage torrent downloads on the move.


If you’ve been looking into the Torrents scene, then you’ve probably heard of iTransmission, a hugely popular BitTorrent client on MacOS. Enter iTransmission! This native BitTorrent client for iOS uses the same backend as Transmission. It allows you to get the full, desktop-like torrent download and seeding experience on your mobile iOS device.

Unsurprisingly, the app is unavailable on the official App Store, so save your time and don’t even go checking. However, there are relatively easy alternative download options.

If you’re running a jailbreak on your iOS device, the easiest download option is to get iTransmission free from Cydia. But if you’re not running a jailbreak and don’t want to, then two other options are available.

First, you can find a third-party app store that would be offering iTransmission; we, however, don’t recommend this method due to additional adware and bloatware that some app-stores couple with their apps and other reliability concerns.

We recommend downloading the iTransmission IPA, firing up Cydia Impactor, and sideloading the app to your iOS device. For a walkthrough and guide to Cydia Impactor, check out our introductory article covering everything involving sideloading apps using Cydia Impactor.


When you acquire a torrent file or a magnet link, you can proceed with downloading whatever music, movies, or files you need onto your iOS device using this widely popular web app. Seedr.cc provides free file storage for up to 2GB but also allows you to earn additional storage up to a 5GB limit. This makes it stand head and shoulders above any other torrent web app for iOS.

You can proceed with the download by acquiring either the torrent file or the magnet URL link from your favorite torrent site. If you’ve chosen to copy the location of the magnet link, head to Seedr.cc by typing “seedr.cc” on the Safari browser URL bar. Once the site loads, paste the torrent magnet URL where you’re prompted with the instruction ‘Paste torrent URL’ and wait for Seedr to fetch it.

If you downloaded the torrent file, then you need to note where it is saved on your iOS device. You can do this by choosing the ‘More’ option after you tap on the Download button and then choosing ‘Save to Files’ in the resulting pop-up window, you can then choose where you want to save your file, including your iCloud Drive. Note, however, that the ‘Save to Files’ pop-up is only available on iOS 11 and newer.

Next, you’ll need to upload the file to Seedr.cc. To do this, open seddr.cc on your Safari browser and tap the plus (+) icon next to the textbox and choose ‘Upload,’ then ‘Browse’ and navigate to the torrent file that you saved. Whatever method you use, seedr.cc should start downloading your torrent at this point. This is all done in the background, and you can close the browser window while waiting for the download to complete.

Download speeds are significantly dependent on the number and the quality of seeders, and sadly, seedr.cc doesn’t allow you to add another file if a download is in progress. When the download completes, the data is stored on the Seedr.cc servers, ready for you to download onto your device by tapping on the downward arrow and choosing the ‘Download’ option from the drop-down menu.


Zbigz is quite another reliable torrent web-app. The downside is, you’ll need to create a free account to access downloads of anything over a measly 100Mb. The app works very much like Seedr.cc’s magnet link method. You can proceed to initiate downloads through the steps below:

Copy the torrent magnet URL link on your favorite torrent site and navigate to ‘zbigz.com’ on Safari Browser.

Paste the copied link in the input field and tap ‘GO.’

Zbigz will then generate a download link for you. Just click on the resultant download pop-up, and the download process will start.

BitTorrent Now

This torrent client is invaluable to a music-lover. BitTorrent allows you to explore and experience music and video from underground and obscure artists you might not have heard of yet. It also offers certain innovative features such as tracking trends in music, art or movies.

BitTorrent also allows you to show your appreciation to your favorite artists by availing the option to donate to support them, as well as the ability to stream music from independent, unsigned artists. You can also personalize your experience by signing in with your Facebook, Google or another social network.


Bitport.io is another reliable and intuitive web-app torrent client for iOS. It allows you to download torrents of any size at relatively high speeds anonymously onto a secure Bitport.io server. It achieves this anonymity by masking your IP address whenever you initiate a download.

Saving the files on a secure online server ensures that you have unfettered access to your data on any device. The multiple integrations supported by Bitport.io ensure compatibility with many devices. You can, however, download the files from the Bitport.io server as a direct download onto your device to enjoy your media offline wherever and whenever. Just create an account from the official website and follow the downloading steps using the magnet link described above.


Filestream is a web-app torrent client for iOS that also places the user’s anonymity in consideration. It features a simple and intuitive UI and allows you to download torrent files and magnet links from the internet onto Filestream.me cloud storage for direct download to your iOS device.

The app offers support for over 900 media sites ensuring you’re not at a loss of options to choose from. It also includes certain innovative services such as the ability to transcode and stream your files to any compatible smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs or DLNA and Apple Airplay devices and also the opportunity to earn from referrals to the site.

Hopefully, this guide on best torrent apps for iOS (2018) helps you enjoy your music, movies, and TV shows as you wish. For more tips, tricks and lifehacks, check out our immense inventory of guides and articles.