How to cancel your Esporta membership

Esporta is a popular fitness brand known for helping people reach their fitness goals. The app is available in the United States and Canada and has basic and premium subscription, each with its features. Most users subscribe to a premium subscription to access important features.

If you aren’t happy with Esporta or have been using it for a while but no longer need it, you need to cancel your subscription. Without canceling your Esporta membership, you will be charged every other month for a service you no longer use.

Is LA and Esporta Fitness the same?

Esporta is a fitness brand from LA Sports. They both provide the same amenities and training depending on your membership plan.

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How to cancel Esporta fitness membership

There are three ways you can cancel your Esporta membership plan, which are highlighted below:

1. Cancel through the Google Play Store

If you are using an Android device, below are steps on how to cancel your Esporta membership:

  • Open Play Store.
  • Tap on your Google profile icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Google Play Store profile icon

  • A menu will appear in which you will select the Subscription and Payment option and select the Esporta subscription.

Payment and subscriptions

  • Select Cancel Subscription. You will choose the best reason as to why you would like to cancel the subscription and select Continue.
  • Select Cancel Subscription.

Cancel subscription

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2. Cancel through the App Store

For users who are using iOS devices, below is how you can unsubscribe from the Esporta membership through the App Store:

  • Open the Settings app and select the Apple ID option.
  • Select Subscriptions and scroll the menu and choose Esporta Fitness.
  • Select Cancel Subscription and tap on Confirm to confirm the process.

3. Cancel through the Esporta website

Alternatively, you can cancel your health club membership without mailing through their official website using the following steps:

  • Go to Esporta’s official website.
  • Login to your Esporta account using your email and password.
  • Select the Billings or Subscription option and select Cancel subscription.
  • When you do so, your Esporta membership will be canceled permanently, which is irreversible.

Use any of the methods above to cancel your Esporta subscription. If you are still experiencing issues while unsubscribing to Esporta, you can email their customer support team for assistance.