How to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription

Did you know Spotify was founded in 2006 but took 5 years to finally launch in the US? In its early days of operation, the company had a handful of employees. Since then it has expanded tremendously to become established music, podcast, and video streaming platform.

Well-curated playlists for any mood, day of the week, time of day, occasion, and chart will grab your interest. This streaming application also boasts a nice interface. When downloading and installing Spotify on your iPhone, Mac, or PC, you will notice that it has different streaming packages.

This article explains the steps for cancelling the premium subscription package if you had opted for the same.

Spotify Streaming Plans

Before delving into how to cancel a Spotify subscription, let’s highlight the plans accessible to new users.
You can enjoy millions of songs on Spotify without paying thanks to the free plan. However, this option has limitations and disadvantages like low-quality audio, ads, missing offline listening, no unlimited skips, and the inability to play any track.

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Besides the free plan, there is Spotify Premium which essentially incorporates three options. The ordinary premium, a Family, and Student offer.
For a start, you can experience the premium streaming plan for free through the 30-day free trial.

After you start using Spotify Premium, you might want to cancel the subscription for one reason or another. The top reason for cancellation among many users is the unnecessary fee since they can still sample and listen to songs using the free plan.

Cancel Spotify Premium Steps

Most people call it quits with Spotify because of the recurrent premium fee. Other users cancel Spotify to switch to Tidal or Pandora.
Here are the steps to stop your premium plan on Spotify.

  1. Visit Spotify.
  2. Click on the Log in button.
  3. Sign-in to your account using your username and password.
  4. Click on your username and then on “account” from the drop-down menu.
    cancel spotify subscription
    5. Enter your Spotify username and password
    spotify cancel premium
    Selection your account for options
  5. From the left sidebar, click on subscription.
  6. Click on the cancel your subscription option.
  7. Leave a reason for cancelling and continue.
  8. Once again click on Cancel My Subscription.
    cancel spotify
    Click on Subscription
    spotify subscription cancelling
    Give reason for cancelling premium
    cancel spotify
    Confirm cancellation
  9. Enter your Spotify password.
  10. The final step is to click on Cancel My Subscription.

Notably, the above steps will work for both a paid subscription and the trial option. This point also leads to the question of when should you cancel Spotify.

You are free to perform the Spotify cancel premium at any time. Being unable to cancel your premium Spotify plan means you are skipping a step in the procedure highlighted.

If you cancel your plan before its due date, you will continue enjoying the premium feature until the premium period expires. In addition to that, users have up to three months of cancellation to access their playlists if they opt to reactivate their premium packages.

Deactivating Your Spotify Account

Other Spotify users are interested in more than just cancelling a streaming plan. Instead, their need is to deactivate or delete the account altogether.
In such a case, you need to contact Spotify support and communicate what you want. The support team should help you delete your spotify account.