Cannot Reset Apple ID Security Questions? Here’s Why

Do you get the prompt, “Cannot Reset Security Questions. We don’t have sufficient information to reset your security questions,” when attempting to reset your Apple ID security questions?

This prompt basically means that Apple isn’t able to identify you and as such, you will be locked out of your Apple account. This can be quite frustrating as you will not be able to access crucial services from Apple such as purchasing premium apps and this affect how you use your device.

With everything that is happening in your life, it is easy to forget your Apple ID questions and that is why we created this article to so as to explain how to change your security questions on Apple and help gain access to your online Apple account.

Resetting Apple security questions

Apple is very serious on matters security and it has put in place tough measures to secure users’ accounts. Users will have to provide answers to a set of questions that Apple uses to secure those accounts. You will have to give the right answers to these questions and when you fail to do so, you will be locked out of your account.

It is, however, still possible to regain access to your account if you don’t remember the security questions for your Apple ID and we will guide you on how to go about this. Let’s now get started on how to update your Apple ID security questions.

  1. Log into your account

You will, first of all, have to sign into your Apple account to verify your Apple identity. From the login page, enter your Apple ID and click the Continue button.

If you have forgotten your Apple ID and can’t verify your Apple ID account, click the “Look it up” button on the login page for clues on your Apple ID.

  1. Change your security questions

When you log into your Apple account, you will be asked to provide answers to the security questions that you had set. The security questions for your Apple account are similar to your iTunes security questions and this could help you remember the answers.

If you still cannot remember the answers to those questions, click the “Change Questions” button to begin the reset process.

From there, click the “Reset your security questions” button to erase the old questions and to set up new ones. This option, however, is only possible if you had set up a recovery email when creating your Apple account.

Apple will send the details on how to reset the apple ID security questions to your rescue/recovery email and this will not be possible if you had not set this rescue email up.

If you had not done that, contact Apple Support from this link for help on how to receive the instructions on how to change your security questions on Apple.

If you had set the rescue email, use the information that will be sent to that address to reset the security questions. Set questions that will be easy to remember so as to avoid getting locked out of your account again.

NOTE: if you don’t want to keep answering security questions to gain access to your Apple account, you can set up the two-step authentication that doesn’t require security questions so you won’t have to remember answers to questions set ages ago.

If I change apple ID, will I lose my purchases?

Yes, you will. App purchases are usually tied to user accounts and as such, you will lose your purchases when you change your Apple ID.

Hopefully you have managed to change your security questions or switch to two-factor authentication. If you are experiencing any other issues, please check our iPhone repair guides and tutorials.