Can’t follow someone on Instagram? Here is why

Following, liking and commenting are things that make the Instagram experience enjoyable. Unfortunately, some users have reported a problem with the following feature on Instagram.

If you would like to know why this happens and how to fix it, then we have the answers below.

1. Internet connection issues

Instagram requires a stable internet connection for better performance. So, if you are unable to follow people, check your internet connection, i.e. if it is on and its stability.

To fix:

  • Switch on your internet connection or
  • If you are using Wi-Fi, switch to a different Wi-Fi network or to mobile data or
  • If your mobile internet connection is not strong, switch to a stable Wi-Fi network

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2. Following many people within a short period of time

Instagram has a restriction on the number of people one can follow in a given time frame. This number depends on how old one’s account is (bigger for older accounts and smaller for new ones). If you go beyond the limit, you can be banned from following people for about 24-48 hours or even more. If you repeatedly do this, your account may be completely banned.

To avoid such, try following a small number of people, like, 50 per day. This should be done in bits throughout the day, like 5 people per hour.

3. You have reached the maximum follow limit

The maximum number of people that one can follow on Instagram is 7500. If you have reached the limit, then you can’t follow more people.

If you still want to follow people, you need to unfollow some to follow the new ones.

4. Corrupted app data

As you continue using the Instagram app, a lot of data is usually stored on the app, interfering with the performance. This makes you unable to follow people, or do some other stuff on your Instagram app.

To fix this, try logging in via the website. You can also delete the app and reinstall it to fix the corrupted app data.

I hope you have a clue of how the error comes about and how to avoid and fix it.

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