Cell-Phone Spy Software lets you spy on and track an iPhone or iPad easily

If you have ever have considered spying on your better half, business associate or even rivals to have a head start access to their phone is a treasure trove. Whether living up to the adage Knowledge is power or out of pure curiosity, technology offers a wide array of access to your target’s phone.

One such solution comes from the various phone spy software on the market. A quick engine search gives plenty of results. For this article we zeroed on one; Cell phone Spy Software.

First, a disclaimer, spying should be covert without blowing cover after all the legal ramification, and social cost of discovery is irreparable and damaging. It is therefore vital to use a sublime means that can’t be found out.

This may sound counterintuitive but before embarking on a spying mission ensure you are surgically precise and clinical about covering your tracks. In my case, I opted for Cell Phone Spy software.

At a glance

Not that there is any sophisticated algorithm that I used to arrive at it, but it seemed like a no brainer. The Phone Spy Software name speaks for itself, and a quick scan in its official website even simplified everything for the layman.

Access to a wide range of data logs

In addition to this, the phone spy software not only get access to logs of data, and call logs but can geo-locate your target and be remotely installed. Sounds like a movie, right? Well, now you know why I opted for it.

Easy download and setup

The fact that the app can be downloaded from both Apple and Google play store is a plus. This phone spy software cross-platform availability means you can get secret information of other devices running with other OS after all.

As if this isn’t enough, the process of registration is fast (only requiring you to create an ID, in the app site and entering your target device and you are ready to go). Translation, after a few minutes, you can already be getting information through the application swift notification. The fact that you can employ the use of keywords in your search for information shortens, and filters what you get.

A complete suite of features for all your spy needs

The functionality of the phone spy software application is remarkable.

Call logs, texts, and call eavesdropping

Unlike others in the market that furnish you with call logs and texts messages, this application eavesdrops on both in and outcalls, giving you uncut recordings.

You can comfortably read the text messages of your target go a step further, and even access encrypted app messages like Whatsapp, Messenger and more. We all know that micro-messaging and blogging sites are a valuable source of information.

Precise GPRS tracking

In case you are wondering about the; location of your target, look no further than this phone spy software. The application GPRS tracking is on point. You get real-time notifications of the geo-position of the device.

User-friendly dashboard

The application is user-friendly with a concise dashboard that complements your spying activity. Thematically speaking, the phone spy software developers opted for a conservative approach, not employing so many graphics to take the shine off the fact that it is a purposeful app

Nonetheless, the name is an antithesis of being covert, but then again it may be hiding in plain sight. That notwithstanding, this phone spy software system requirements have no toll on your phone functionality and is not prone to constant halts.

However, constant updating may require you have unlimited internet access due to the patching that the phone spy software developer consistently employs on it.


  • Easy to download and access and simple registration process
  • Takes up little space of your phone memory
  • Gives unlimited primary information including call logs, recordings, text messages from both apps and SMS
  • Instant notification to any new development on your target phone
  • User-friendly interphase and structured application
  • Filtering information system of using keywords
  • Pre-emptive control of target device applications enforcing restrictions for the specified duration
  • Geo-location and recordings of calls and conversations of both in and outcalls
  • Access to shared media folders including photos, videos, and documents


  • Apple users register with their Apple ID, and Android users need to fill in their information. This data, when accessed by third parties, can be damaging.
  • Constant patchwork to the app means regular updates
  • The application is not free with in-app purchases

Bottom line

Considering hiring a private investigator is expensive, this phone spy software app comes in cheap and gives you primary raw data on your target. Questions still linger on the legality of using illegal spying with no court order. However, the fact that the app is listed in app stores betrayed the tacit acceptance of it. You do get value for your money and can access information.

I was satisfied by the application’s performance in general though I feel there is still some room for improvement. I would give it a 6.5 out of possible ten. A 0.5 deduction on the so visible a name it has that blows your cover (sic).