How to change iMessage color on your iPhone

One of the best ways to personalize a phone is by customizing its features. Fortunately, there are several features to help you alter the performance and appearance of your smartphone as per your preference. In this article, we’ll look at how to change the iMessage text bubble color on iPhone.

Now, despite having many new features in the latest iOS, still, there’s no direct method for users to change the iMessage text bubble color. However, there are ways around it.

They include:

  • Use of other apps.
  • Jailbreaking your iOS device.

How to change color on iMessage using other apps

There are several apps that you can use to change the iMessage color. A quick search on the App Store for “Color iMessage” will give you a list of different apps.

For example, Color Text Messaging for iMessage, Color Messaging Pro, Fancy Bubble, and Color Text Messages. Some are free while others will cost you a minimum of $0.99.

Step 1: Select your app

Before you pick any of the apps, read their reviews and features. These will help you figure out if the app works with the latest version of iMessage, if it fits your style, among other factors.

As far as functionality goes, the apps are nearly identical. The main differences are the number and types of fonts, backgrounds, and available colors.

NOTE: The apps don’t change the iMessage settings. They create an image of the words/message that you want to send (in your preferred font, style, and color) then let you paste it on the message box.

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Step 2: Install the app

Download the app that you want and install it. Next, go to iMessage and open a new or existing message box. Now, along the keyboard bar, look for the downloaded app’s icon.

When you click through, it opens a variety of bubble styles, and whichever you select opens in a large edit window.

Step 3: Customize the bubble and text

Before you start typing your message, you have the option to edit the type of font, font size, and text color.

When the message is ready click the blue send button. The bubble will display on the screen as a sticker. Tap the send button to deliver the message.

How to change iMessage Color on iOS 13 and above by jailbreaking

The second option that allows you to change the color of your text messages in iPhone is jailbreaking the iOS device. This is where you penetrate the operating system of your phone and open it to manipulation/customization.

Therefore, you can edit aspects of the phone that were not meant to be changed, e.g. the iMessage bubble color. The steps involved in this case include:

Step 1: Select a jailbreaking program

Research the best jailbreak program for your iPhone model. You should also confirm that it’s meant for that iOS version. This is because Apple is constantly updating and altering iOS to prevent jailbreaks. Take your time.

Make sure you update iTunes and backup your files.

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Step 2: Download and install the jailbreak program

Download and install the jailbreak program on your computer. You might get a passcode to use later.

Write it down. Next, download the latest iOS firmware.

Step 3: Run the jailbreak

Follow these steps to jailbreak:

  • First, your phone and computer should be connected to a similar wireless network.
  • Put your iPhone in DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode. Hold the power button for 3 seconds, then hold both the home and power button for 10 seconds, after which you’ll release the power button and continue holding the home button.
  • Switch off the phone and connect to the computer.
  • The jailbreak program will activate on your phone. You can now release the home button and wait for the phone to restart.
  • After activating the jailbreak, you’ll have to put your phone in DFU mode again. This could result in a few reboots.
  • Get your iPhone’s IP address in the WiFi settings.
  • Open the terminal on your computer and type this command: “ssh root@<IP address>.” Put your iPhone’s IP address between the brackets.
  • Lastly, enter the passcode.

Step 4: Install Cydia Impactor

This is an application that lets you download new programs after a jailbreak. Once it’s installed, start searching for programs to customize iMessage colors. The two popular options are Dreamboard and Winterboard. Download and install your favorite.

Step 5: Launch the program

Open the iMessage color customization program and try out the different bubble colors, font types, and font sizes.

Those are the two main ways to change the color of your text messages on iOS devices. Hopefully, Apple will incorporate the feature in iMessage in the future so that it’s easy and convenient to customize your messages.

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