Change iPhone Call Ringing Duration Before Voicemail

When you get a call, you have a defined number of rings or seconds before the call goes to Voice Mail. For whatever reason though, you might want to change these numbers. This guide covers the different ways to change how long your iPhone rings before Voice Mail picks over.

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I prefer making changes on my phone without external help. That’s why my first option of adjusting how long a phone rings before Voicemail is doing it yourself.

Option 1: Dial *61*+12345678901*11*30#

Most guides showing how to shorten or extend the time your phone rings are long and can be confusing. At the end of those tutorials, you will end up dialing a number that follows the format: *61*+12345678901*11*30#

Here is a quick breakdown of the number for easy understanding and implementation.

  • 61 – allows access to voice mail
  • +12345678901 – Voice Call forwarding number. Replace these 11 digits with the correct number.
  • 11 – is a standard number
  • 30 – the number of seconds I chose.

There are a couple of things you want to know when using this method. First you need to determine the correct voice call forwarding number by calling *#11#. Secondly, it is not mandatory to include the plus sign (+) in the voice call forwarding number.

This method should work pretty well on an iPhone rocking the AT&T network.

Option 2: Change Number of Rings Before It Goes to Voice Mail

The question, “How many times does a phone ring before it goes to voicemail?” is also closely related to a mobile phone’s ringing time. The average ringing times is 4.

If you are on the Verizon network, you can easily change this number to anywhere between 2 and 6. To do so, follow these steps.

  • Go to Account Manager
  • Click on Voice Mail Settings on the left side of the page from the Home page.
  • Choose Telephone Settings
  • Select the number of rings you prefer
  • Finally, click on Save Settings

The other option for making your iPhone ring for a long time is to contact your service provider. However, this approach has a major downside in the name of many unanswered calls.

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