Can you change the battery icon color on iPhone?

Thanks to the battery icon and the percentage feature, iPhone users can tell the exact amount of charge available on their iPhone. Therefore, they can decide whether to connect to a charger and re-up or use it a little longer. That said, have you ever thought about how you can change the battery display on your iPhone?

We’ve thought about it, and so have several other iPhone users. We went a step further and tried to customize the color of the battery icon on the iPhone.

Just like changing the iMessage bubble color, we made some interesting discoveries and want to share them with you.

Can you change the color of your battery bar?

Unfortunately, there’s no official feature on iPhone that can change the battery icon color. That leaves only two workarounds. The first is risky and unnecessary as it involves jailbreaking your iPhone and installing a third-party app. We’ll discuss the second one, which only requires you to alter your iPhone’s display.

But, before we get there, you should know the featured battery icon color changes and their meaning.

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How many colors can the battery icon on iPhone switch to?

Here are the different colors you’ll see on the battery icon on iPhone, depending on its status:

  • Green: This color usually appears when your iPhone is charging and has gained substantial power (usually more than 20% charge).
  • Red: The red color on the battery icon warns you’re running low on power. It appears when the battery percentage goes below 20%.
  • White/black: These are the normal colors of your battery icon on your iPhone.
  • Yellow: The battery icon will switch to yellow when the phone is in low power mode.

What is a low-power mode?

The low power mode is a feature that helps to minimize your iPhone’s power usage when the battery percentage reduces. Unfortunately, some features, like updates, will run slowly while others won’t function until you charge the battery to 80% or above.

Usually, the phone prompts you to enter low power mode immediately after the battery reaches 20%. However, you can still turn the On and Off anytime by going to Settings > Battery or the control center.

But, for the latter, you must add low power mode to the control center: Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > tap the plus (+) sign next to Low Power Mode.

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How to change the display to make your iPhone battery change color

The only safe way to change the battery icon color on iPhone is to use the invert feature. It will switch up the display colors on your device and change the battery color in the process. Follow the guide below:

  • Open Settings on your device.
  • Tap on Accessibility.
  • Tap on Display & Text Size.
  • Using an older iPhone model, you’ll have to open Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodation > Invert Colors.
  • Toggle On Classic Invert.

Your screen display color will change, including the battery icon:

  • White will turn black and vice versa.
  • Orange/yellow will turn blue.
  • Green will turn purple.
  • Red will turn cyan.

Why did the battery color change on my iPhone?

If you notice a battery icon color change on iPhone, it could be:

  • The battery is low.
  • You turned on low power mode.
  • The phone is charging or has charged to full capacity.


That’s how you change the battery color icon on your iPhone. Sadly, it affects the entire phone’s display aesthetics. But, you can easily switch back to the normal display anytime. Feel free to share your experience with us and others in the comment section.

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