Chocolate Hub 2 May Be The Best MacBook Companion We’ve Seen Yet

Your MacBook has ports to connect several devices and its charger. However, it is an eyesore to have cables running on both sides of your MacBook and taking up a lot of space on your workstation. What if you had a hub for all these connections so that you will only have a single cable to your MacBook? Well, this is essentially what the Chocolate Hub 2 brings to the table.

With two USB Type-C ports, Qi Wireless Charger, three USB 3.0 ports, a HDMI port, SD card reader, and a HDMI port, you have a complete hub on your workstation. Connect your laptop charger to this deliciously designed Chocolate Hub to give it just enough power to power your iPhone and laptop as well as connect a secondary display through the HDMI connection.

Chocolate hub 2 features

While there are many hubs out there that provide a single place for your connections to the MacBook, not many come with Qi Wireless charging. Previously a feature in Android Phones, Qi has made its way it to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. If you have any of those phone models, then you will have an additional free port available when charging your iPhone wirelessly.

If you fancy adding a secondary output to a larger screen, then the Chocolate hub comes with a 4K ready HDMI port to support UHD connections at 24Hz, 30Hz, and 60Hz. This makes it perfect for editing videos and photographs.

Chocolate hub HDMI USB-C

With 2 backward compatible USB 3.0 connectors, you will enjoy SuperSpeed connections from all ports which is something that not many devices provide. It also comes with a backward compatible SD 3.0 card reader with support for SDXC 2TB, which promises impressive speeds of upto 104M/s.

The Chocolate Hub 2 is more than just another ordinary hub. It is all connections you would ever need on your workstation in one place. It won’t necessarily reduce by a huge number the amount of cables you have to carry with you for peripheral connections, but it will bring more organization to your desk. Besides, it looks like a real chocolate bar, bring more charm in an area where many focus on simply creating metallic plate-like designs.

Chocolate hub 2 connection

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