How to Clear RAM On iPhone X And Other Models

If your iPhone X or any other model becomes sluggish while in use, it could be that the apps open are consuming more system RAM that they should. While iOS has a way of dealing with apps that consume much memory in the background since it is not one of the major iPhone X problems, this process is not very efficient. This is why you need a manual method to deal with this issue when it occurs. In this post, you will learn how to clear RAM on your iPhone X and other iPhone models.

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How to clear RAM and app cache on iPhone X

iPhone X doesn’t have a Physical home button, which makes the process for clearing ram a little different from the other models. Nevertheless, the process isn’t that difficult. Follow the steps below to free up some space and boost the performance of your iPhone X.

  • On your iPhone, open Settings, scroll down to General and tap to open
  • Go to Accessibility then scroll down to Assistive Touch
  • Toggle to enable Assistive Touch. This will enable a shortcut with features that aren’t enabled on the iPhone X’s home screen.
  • Go to Settings > General again and scroll down to the shutdown button but don’t power off your iPhone X
  • While here, tap the Assistive Touch button then tap and hold the virtual home button
  • Your iPhone X will refresh and all apps will be halted from running in the background.

While you have cleared your iPhone X RAM and all apps have stopped working in the background. It doesn’t mean that they have been terminated. All your progress is still on, but you have to tap the app in order for it to resume its functionality.

How to Clear Ram and app cache on iPhone 6, 7, And 8

If you own an iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or any other previous iPhone model, then you should follow the steps outlined here to clear the app cache.

  • Hold your iPhone’s power button for a few seconds until the slid to power off option appears on the home screen. However, don’t turn it off.
  • Hold the home button until your iPhone changes from the shut down screen to home screen.
  • Your iPhone memory has now cleared and you can check it by trying to access apps that were previously open

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Now that you have known how to clear RAM on iPhone X as well as free up memory on other iPhones, you can now perform this procedure whenever your iPhone freezes. This will free up memory within seconds without closing the apps you were using. If you are still encountering other memory issues on your iPhone, let us know!