How to convert WAV to mp3 on iTunes

iTunes allows users to convert music files between uncompressed and compressed formats. Depending on the music player you are using, you may want to convert an uncompressed format into a compressed format or the other way round.

A common example of an uncompressed format that may want to convert into the latter format is WAV. The best part is that you can use the iTunes app as an iTunes to mp3 converter free of charge.

How do i convert an iTunes playlist to mp3?

If you have WAV files in your playlist, you can convert them into mp3 directly in your iTunes library. Here is a guide on how to go about it:

  • Open iTunes on your PC
  • Select the songs that you want to convert
  • Click on Edit and then go to the Preferences section
  • Go to General and then select Import Settings
  • When the window opens, choose the initial drop down menu
  • Choose WAV
  • Get back to your music and then right click on the song you intend to convert
  • Click on Create mp3 version
  • Each of your files should take a few seconds to convert into the mp3 format

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What to do after the conversion process

After you convert iTunes to mp3, iTunes usually retains the original files. In this case, you may not need the WAV files anymore. Moreover, they may take up some additional space on your hard drive.

If you want to – you can delete these files from iTunes. The application allows you to find the duplicate song files so that you can easily clean up within a short time.

Note: Conversion may compromise audio quality

Since WAV is an uncompressed format, conversion to mp3 will reduce audio quality of your songs. This reduction in quality happens because mp3 is a compressed format, meaning the files will also be smaller than the original.

Not to worry though, the quality change will go unnoticed unless you intend to play your music on concert speakers. Also, converting the same file several times will lead to more noticeable quality degradation.

You can alternatively find an iTunes to mp3 converter online if you want to do your conversion outside iTunes. Converting your iTunes files to mp3 may come in handy in many different scenarios. You may need to listen to your songs in other media players or want to port your songs into a non-Apple device.

Since, mp3 is a universal music format, doing the conversion would be a good idea. Furthermore, converting files from WAV to mp3 will save you tons of space.

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