How to Create a Location on Instagram

Adding a location to your posts on Instagram is one of the ways of making your posts appealing. By allowing Instagram to access the location services on your phone, you can easily add your actual location when you post on IG.

But what if want to add a ‘fake’ or ‘imaginary’ location to your posts? Maintaining appearance on Instagram is no child’s play and adding a ‘fake’ location tag is one way to remain winning on the platform.

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So how do you add a custom location on Instagram? Sometimes back, it was possible to create a funny location on Instagram but with the recent updates and modifications, that is not possible anymore. The process is a lot more complex and we will guide you on how to create a new location on Instagram below.

1: Turn on location services on Facebook

If the location that you are trying to add doesn’t exist or is fake, the only way you can add it to your Instagram posts is by creating it from Facebook and specifically the Facebook app.

You need to ensure that the location services on the app have been turned on as it will not be able to create a new Instagram location with the location services turned off. You may have turned the location service off for your privacy but you would want to turn it on to be able to create a geotag.

2: Create a Check-in status on Facebook

The next thing you need to do to be able to create a location on Instagram is to check-in from the Facebook app. To do this, you should click on the check-in icon on Facebook to create your location.

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3: Enter your custom location in the search box

You should then enter the title of your custom location in the search box. Your custom location on Instagram will appear just as you type it at this moment and as such, you should take your time to come up with the ‘best’ title for your location.

The other rules that you should adhere to in this regard include capitalizing the first letter of your custom location and not using emojis and special characters when creating your title location.

4: Add your new location

After entering the title of your new location, you should click the “Add” button to confirm it. Post your check-in status on Facebook and exit the app.

5: Launch Instagram to create a post

Your custom location will be updated on Instagram and you can add it to your posts. Create a post just as you would normally on Instagram and before you publish it click the “Add location” button.

Type in the custom location that you had created on Facebook and it should appear in the search results. Click on it and you will be able to publish your post with the new Instagram location.

Your followers on Instagram demand a lot from you and you can keep up with the hype by making sure that your posts have a location tag on them. Follow the steps highlighted above to create a location on Instagram.