10 best Decipher TextMessage alternatives in 2023

Decipher TextMessage was developed to save and recover text messages, photos, and videos from your iPhone to your computer. 

You can also print text messages for documentation and access them using iTunes backup for your iOS devices. The free software is available on any iOS and Mac platform. 

But if for some reason, you cannot use Decipher TextMessage, there are a couple of alternatives out there that work just fine.

10 best Decipher TextMessage alternatives

These are the 10 best Decipher TextMessage alternatives you should try out.

1. Bagoup

Bagoup is an export utility for Mac OS devices similar to Decipher TextMessage that backs chats into readable and searchable files.

Bagoup has a well-designed layout that is user-friendly. It is easy to install and run. Besides, the software has some of the best transfer speeds compared to similar software. Bagoup free software is available for Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac devices.

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2. iMazing


iMazing is a file transfer software developed by DigiDNA. We had to include it among the best alternatives for Decipher TextMessage for iOS devices due to its fast data sharing, transfer, backup, and recovery processes for an iPhone or iPad.

You can also use it as an option for iTunes to manage your device. The best thing about this software is that it is easy to transfer photos, contacts, music, videos, and text messages between iPhone and the computer. 

In addition, it has a Quick Transfer feature that allows you to transfer files using drag and drop.

Furthermore, you can recover notes, messages, contacts, and other data files in PDF, text, or CSV. iMazing allows you to read, view, and print messages quickly and easily. Moreover, you can back up your device’s data wirelessly and encrypt it to ensure its privacy and security.

iMazing has a free trial that restricts the data you can back up. If you want unlimited backup access, purchase a license code that costs $34.99 from the software’s official website.

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3. Appandora

Appandora is an iOS and Android manager that manages your device’s data for free. You can easily export and preview messages, call history, and contacts into readable format on your computer. 

Moreover, you can manage multiple devices simultaneously when sharing and transferring files between iOS or Android devices to the computer.

It is also user-friendly and guarantees the safety of your data files through data encryption. 

4. SynciOS Manager

SynciOS Manager is an easy-to-use mobile manager for iOS and Android devices. It was specially designed to manage file contents on your computer. You can also easily sync and back up your iPhone files to the computer.

It is also free for Windows and iOS devices of all versions. You can also copy all your messages on iTunes from your iPhone for free.

5. iExplorer


iExplorer is the oldest and most popular backup software in this list. It was developed by Macroplant that allows you to easily export photos, contact, music, and text messages locally to your computer. You can back up your files from iTunes or iPhone to your computer.

The advantage of iExplorer is that it can transfer huge data files. It has a free trial and a premium version of $39.99 to $69.99.

6. Wondershare Dr.Fone 

Dr.Fone is a backup software like Decipher TextMessage for Android and iOS that saves you from data loss. You can easily transfer all your messages, photos, contacts, and call history from your device to the computer.

Created by Wondershare, the software aims to simplify file transfer, backup, and restoration. Dr.Fone has a free trial and premium subscription of $19.99 annually for unlimited features.

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7. iFun box

iFun box is a management software for Windows and Mac devices that can store and back up multimedia files. You can explore your data on App Sandbox, which saves chat and call history information. This iFunBox feature provides an easy way to manipulate the data and backup messages. 

iFunbox also helps you get a jailbreak on the iOS device’s root file system that easily provides fast backup, instant file preview, and fast file search. The device management software is free for download for iOS, Windows, and Mac devices.

8. iCloud


iCloud is a popular backup cloud storage for many iOS devices. With its unlimited storage space, you can sync and back up chat messages, contacts, and multimedia devices on the cloud or even on your iTunes.

You can also upload and download your files and data for free and access them on your computer. Besides, you can also share your device’s files with others via email or iMessage.

iCloud is free, and you can access it through your iOS, Mac, or Windows platforms. However, you will have to pay to get more storage.

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9. iMobie AnyTrans

iMobie AnyTrans, developed by iMobie inc, is a backup software for iOS devices that backs up iPhone data, accessing backup files on iPhone and mirroring iPhone’s screen on the computer.

AnyTrans guarantees to back up your messages and attachments and print them for evidence or reference. You can also create a backup for your Whatsapp chats and transfer them anywhere you want. The software is free for download and can be used to manage your iPhone, iPod, iPad, iCloud, and iTunes content.  

10. IDrive


IDrive is an export utility specially designed for iOS devices to back up files such as text messages, photos, videos, and documents. The service is also free and saves the data on your PC, iOS, and Mac on cloud storage. You can easily retrieve deleted messages on the cloud storage.

Interestingly, you can back up multiple devices on the same account. It is, therefore, convenient and cost-effective if you have Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

It is also safe and secure since there is continuous data protection of data stored on the cloud and not servers.  

Files and data are stored in real-time encryption using a user-defined key. IDrive is free for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. There is also a premium subscription between $3.71 to $59.62 per year for premium features.

Is Decipher TextMessage legit?

Decipher TextMessage is 100% legit and allows the iMessage user to access the chat history.

Furthermore, the safety and privacy of your text messages are guaranteed since they are locally stored on your Mac or Windows computer. Data is, therefore, not stored on the internet or servers.

It has also gone through anti-malware and virus tests, conforming security against attacks from viruses and hackers. To confirm this, you can check on the lock icon on the toolbar of your web browser when visiting their page. 

Is Decipher TextMessage free?

Decipher TextMessage has a free trial that has no expiry, thus free and available for every user. You are, thus, not required to pay any amount to access its services.

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