iPhone & iPad Safari Browser: How to clear History and Cookies and Use Private Mode

There are many valid reasons as to why anyone would want to clean up cookies from their Safari but the most important ones include; helping your device expedite fully its speed and functionality and prevent people from snooping through your stuff. As much as the Safari App doesn’t save sensitive information there might be a few tabs you might have logged yourself in thereby making yourself vulnerable.

With iOS 9 there are separate options to clearing the cookies and website data, however with iOS 10 all this can be done at once. Therefore when undertaking this endeavor it is important that you understand your device OS system very well.

It is also important to state that clearing history, cache and cookies data in your App will result to loss of data that might have otherwise been stored in the App thereby logging you out of most of the logged in websites. This is the case for most people who log in to unsecured WiFi hotspots.

Steps to Delete History and Cookies from Safari Browser

Take note of the following steps as they are the guidelines to deleting the history and cookies data on your Safari mobile App.

  • Open your iPhone and iPad device and go to Settings
  • Scroll down until you find Safari, click on it
  • Again scroll down until you find two things:
  • Clear History and,
  • Clear Cookies and Data
  • Click on these two to clear the data. Once this process has begun all your saved sessions and logins will be lost.

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This process couldn’t get and simpler that, do this for yourself once in a while to improve the performance of your device. This said there is still a better to improve your safari App and that is by activating the Private Mode.

Here is whereby you block all websites not to track your data, store data or set cookies on your iPad/iPhone device.

The process includes:

  • Go to settingà Safari
  • Scroll down and under PRIVACY & SECURITY click Block Cookies
  • Choose between ‘Third parties and advertisers’ and ‘Always’.

The difference between the “Always” option and “Third parties and advertisers” is that the Always option ensures that no cookies are set whereas the other option only prevents certain third party and advertisers from storing their cookies.

Even after successfully completing the above processes there still might be a problem of tracking. Minimize this by enabling ‘Do Not Track’ in your iOS 9 Safari App trough the following steps:

  • Go to Settings on your iOS 7 device
  • Scroll downwards and click on Safari
  • Switch ON the Do Not Track option under PRIVACY & SECURITY