How to delete keyboard history on iPhone

You may have occasionally experienced unwanted words appearing in the predictive text section on your iPhone. The experience can be quite frustrating especially if it happens all the time.

To deal with this issue, you can either use a third party keyboard or reset the iPhone keyboard. Using a third party keyboard will allow you to delete single words from your dictionary. This guide will show you how to manage your keyboard’s history and predictive text.

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How do i clear my keyboard history?

If you choose to stick with the native iPhone keyboard, clearing the history is as simple as resetting the dictionary. To reset the keyboard dictionary, follow this procedure:

  • Go to the Settings menu and click on General
  • Scroll down to the Reset sub-menu
  • Click on Reset Keyboard Dictionary
  • Enter your passcode if applicable
  • Your entire keyboard history will be gone

Deleting Individual words from predictive text

How do you delete words from predictive text on iPhone? Unfortunately, deleting individual words from predictive text is not possible on the iPhone. You will have to stick with the unwanted word suggestions or hope the word(s) disappear over time.

To deal with this issue, you can either reset the keyboard dictionary or turn off the predictive text feature. Alternatively, you can download a third party keyboard that allows you to manage individual words in the keyboard’s dictionary.

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Turning off predictive text

Your iPhone can help you type faster by predicting words as soon as you start typing. You can also turn the Autocorrect feature to help you avoid typos.

However, having the predictive text feature may be frustrating at times especially if you type in more than one language. To turn off predictive text on iOS 11 or 12, do the following:

  • Go to the Settings menu and click on General and then Keyboard
  • In the Keyboard section, tap on the Predictive toggle button
  • You can also tap on other toggle buttons if necessary, such as Check Spelling and Auto-Correction
  • The Predictive Text feature should now be disabled

For users who would like to know how to check keystroke history on iPhone – it is simple. All you need is a keylogger app that can do even more than just monitoring your keystroke history. However, to get most of these apps, you will have to part with some cash.

If you want full control of your keyboards functionality, we recommend getting a third party keyboard. Most of these apps allow you to bypass restrictions that may come with using the default iPhone keyboard. If you choose to stick with the native keyboard, the above guidelines should come in handy at some point when you want to delete words from autocorrect on your iPhone keypad dictionary.

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