How to delete songs from iPod Touch, Classic, Shuffle, or Nano

You can easily add songs to your iPod, iPod touch, iPod classic, and iPod shuffle using iTunes. However, deleting unwanted songs from the iPod can be quite challenging. If you do not know how to delete songs from the iPod touch or iPod classic, this guide is meant for you.

I’ll show you how to take songs off an iPod using iTunes and then give a step-by-step process to delete songs from an iPod without a computer. All these methods work perfectly -just make sure to follow the instructions provided carefully.

How to delete songs from iPod without iTunes

iPod devices have an option to delete songs directly from the device. Unless you want to remove songs forever, there’s no need to use iTunes to delete music from iPod Touch. Instead, you can do it through the “Music” App or “Settings” App.

Using the “Settings” App:

  1. Open the “Settings” App and go to “General.”
  2. Choose “Usage” and tap on “Manage Storage.”
  3. Go to “Music” and click “Edit.”
  4. Select the songs you don’t want and delete them.

Using the Music” App:

For iPod Touch with or earlier than iOS 8.3:

  1. Launch the “Music” app.
  2. Click the songs you want to remove.
  3. Slide right until the “Delete” option appears and choose “Delete.”

Using third-party software:

  1. You can easily use third-party software like Dr.Fone or iMobie to delete music from your iPod Classic. This also works when deleting songs from iPod Nano without a computer.
  2. Install and run Dr.Fone or similar software on your computer, then connect your iPod device to the computer via a USB cable and wait for Dr.Fone to detect your iPod.
  3. While on Windows OS, on the top line, click “Music,” and you should get to the music window. All the songs should appear in the music window. The function for deleting music from iPod Classic isn’t supported on MAC. Currently, you can only use this software to delete music from the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  4. Select songs you wish to delete and click the “Delete” button. A prompt window will pop up to let you confirm if you want to delete the selected songs; click Yes to complete the process. You should make sure that your iPod device is connected during the deletion.

Using this process, not only will you be able to delete songs you’re your iPod Classic, but you can also delete common playlists. To do this, Click Playlist, select the playlist you wish to delete and click the Delete button. Click Yes on the confirmation window that appears. This method can also delete songs from an iPod Nano 7th Generation.

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How to delete songs from iPod with iTunes

If you have a computer with iTunes installed, use this method to delete songs from your iPod using iTunes.

You can either remove the songs from your iPod but still retain them on iTunes, or you can remove them completely from iTunes. Below are instructions for each method.

How to delete songs from iPod touch but keep them in the iTunes library

  • Connect your iPod to your computer
  • Open iTunes if it doesn’t open automatically and click the device mark on your iPod
  • Click Summary and check music and videos manually in the options column.
  • Click Music at On My Device Column and Right-click the songs you want to delete
  • Click delete from the library to delete songs from iPod classics without iTunes.

How to Delete Songs permanently from your iPod Touch and iTunes Library

Follow these steps if you wish to delete songs from your iPod and iTunes library too:

  • Launch iTunes on your PC
  • Go to Music > My Music
  • List your music as songs, then select those you don’t like
  • Click Delete. A pop-up window should appear, “Do you want to move the selected songs to Trash or Keep it in the iTunes Media Folder?” Choosing to move to Trash means deleting them forever.
  • After this, connect your iPod device to your computer and sync it with your iTunes Library, which will also remove the song from your iPod device.

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You’ve managed to delete songs from your iPod!

By now, you should have deleted songs from your iPod, either using iTunes or without a computer.

Both methods are helpful depending on whether you would like to keep songs for future use or not. If you encounter other issues, let us know!