How to Download WhatsApp for iPad and iPod Touch

For those of you using iOS 9 and above and would like to install install WhatsApp for iPad, this article will guide you through. Before highlighting the process, it is worth knowing that WhatsApp haven’t released an official app for the iPad unlike there is for an iPhone or other devices that use Sim cards. This, therefore, means that you cannot just head to the WhatsApp website of the iTunes store and attempt to download WhatsApp since it won’t work.

Since there is no WhatsApp for iPad, use the steps below to download a version of the app that would work on your iPad touch, and the iPod mini. In this method, we aren’t going to use any hacks or processes that require you to jailbreak your iPad –we are going to use an official WhatsApp app, download it and make it work for your iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPod touch.

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Steps to Install WhatsApp for iPad & iPod (No Jailbreak Needed)

  • First of all, open your safari browser and navigate to
  • Once it appears, tap on reload a few times and you’ll see a button indicating you to request a desktop site. Click on it.
  • Use your iPhone or Android device to scan on the QR code that appears. This is done by opening WhatsApp on your device and then settings, followed by Whatsapp web and then Scan the QR code.
  • Once you have scanned, the app should immediately appear with all your chats loaded.

Of course this isn’t the most efficient way to download and use WhatsApp on your iPad. However, it works just fine if you have your iPhone loaded with WhatsApp nearby. Switching off your phone will also result in your iPad WhatsApp switching off immediately. Until there is an official WhatsApp app for the iPad, you’re better off using this method to access the app.

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