What is “explore activity” on Snapchat?

Snapchat updates are always highly anticipated. Users of the app are ever eager to see and try out new features.

While some additions are embraced, others get rejected and never last long. We’ll look at one of the new updates and what it means—the “Explore Activity” feature.

To put it simply, Explore activity is an addition to the Map Explore feature that was launched in 2018. It enables players to explore content through the map. For example, if there’s an event nearby, it will be updated on the map and the user will know about it.

On the other hand, if the user chooses to share their location, their movement and location will be put on the Snap Map. They appear as cards along the bottom of the interface.

Can someone see your activity on Snapchat?

Users have full control of who sees their activity on Snapchat. You can choose between the following modes depending on who you want to view your activity and location:

  • Ghost mode: This mode hides your location from all your friends and followers. Your Bitmoji will appear holding up a blue sign with an icon.
  • My friends: Your location and movement are only shared with friends you’ve added. If they have added you as a friend by you haven’t added them back, they won’t see your location.
  • My friends except…: Your location and movement are shared friends except for the ones you exclude.
  • Only these friends: Your location is shared with only the friends you select. The friends won’t be notified about your selection, and in case a friend doesn’t appear on the list, it’s because they haven’t added you as a friend on Snapchat.

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When you turn on your location, you’ll always show up whenever a friend opens locations on the map. You won’t be notified when the friend(s) checks out your location but you’ll get the explore activity Snapchat notifications every time they tap on any of your activities.

You can set your location to update only while using the app. If you don’t use the app for 8 hours, your location disappears until the next time you open the app.

Some users have complained about the sharp accuracy of the location feature, stating that it’s a privacy and security risk. They’d prefer it to be generalized.

How to explore recent activity on Snapchat

To access the “explore activity feature”, launch Snapchat and pinch to zoom out from the camera screen. Next, go to the bottom of the screen and tap on new updates, then swipe horizontally to check out friend’s updates and other new content from Snap Map.

To delete your status or activate Ghost mode, tap on the “settings” icon in the top-right corner.

Does Snap Map show the last time someone was active?

There is no feature that tells you who is and who isn’t online. However, you can tell the last time a user was active by doing the following:

  • Launch Snapchat.
  • Swipe down from the camera screen.
  • Find the user on the map and tap on their Bitmoji avatar.
  • Check below their name to see the last time they were active.
  • If it says “Just Now”, they’re probably using the app.

Also, you can look at their feed and confirm the last time they posted snaps or stories. When you stay inactive for long, you turn into the sleeping or bored ZZZZ Bitmoji. It will change back to normal immediately after you use your Snapchat again.

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Does Snapchat notify you when someone screenshots your location?

No, you don’t get a notification when a friend takes a screenshot of your location on the Snap Map.

So, they can screenshot your location and send it to anyone and you’ll never find out.

What are the different Bitmoji posses?

In addition to the bored or sleeping Bitmoji, your Actionmoji will change depending on factors like your location, the time of day, and speed of movement.

For instance, if you’re near an airport, you might see yourself on a plane. In some cases, you’ll see the Bitmoji riding cars, listening to music, making coffee, and participating in different activities.


That’s all for Explore Activity. It should help you check activity on Snapchat and keep up with whatever your friends are up to while feeding them the same data. We’ll let you know when new updates are released so keep it here for all the latest news.