How to find someone on Bumble again

Are you searching for someone on Bumble? Would you like to match with someone you know on the Bumble app? The searching process can be hectic but not impossible. You may also have purposefully or accidentally unmatched with someone on Bumble and would like to match them again.

Unfortunately, the Bumble app has no search option that allows you to search and find a specific person. You can, however, find a specific person using the following steps explained in this article. You will also learn how to match with someone after unmatching the app.

How do you get someone to reappear on Bumble?

You’re frustrated because you swiped left on your favorite match on Bumble. Lucky for you, the app has a Backtrack feature that helps you recover from your mistake. What’s more, you can backtrack as many times as you want. 

If you are using the Backtrack feature on the Bumble app, tap on the arrow in the upper left corner of the screen. For the Bumble web, tap on the two arrows adjacent to the X icon. 

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It is important to note that the Backtrack feature is available on Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium. You are therefore required to pay a subscription fee to access it.

Does Bumble ever show you the same person twice?

Bumble profile

As per Bumble’s algorithm, it can sometimes show you the same person twice if it runs out of new members around your area. This can also happen even after swiping left on the person’s profile. 

The Bumble app works on an algorithm that matches you with a profile based on your preference. The algorithm will then present you with the available people within your area until you exhaust them. It will then reconsider and present you with the old matches you discarded for a second chance.

How long does it take for someone to show up again on Bumble?

You may have crossed several profiles and not found your ideal match—only a blank screen. Not to worry because this is normal and not a technical issue.

When you have exhausted all the possible match limits on Bumble, you will wait 24 hours for the swipes to reset. If you want unlimited swiping, you can subscribe to Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium to get unlimited matches.

If it does not reset after 24 hours, you should contact the Bumble Support Team via email to help fix the problem. Using the Bumble app, you can directly contact them using the Contact and FAQ buttons.

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How to search for someone on Bumble

There is no search bar option on Bumble since the app was developed for you to interact and connect with new people around your area. Instead, you can use the filter feature to find the person you seek. The filter can be customized regarding age, height, religion, and education.

If you are looking for a specific person by name, you can use third-party apps that help you find them. However, it is not recommended to find someone on Bumble using those apps it breaches someone’s privacy and goes against their guidelines.