Cydia impactor error 160: Peer certificate can’t be authenticated -Fix

Cydia impactor is an invaluable tool to many iOS users for the simple, yet the much-needed task of side-loading and signing IPAs. This is why the “http-win.cpp:160” error that the beloved software has been throwing out recently has many users shaken and fretful for the future of the software.

In this guide, we will walk you through some of the fixes available to get you side-loading your apps again.

Understanding the error ‘http – win.cpp:160’

The Cydia Impactor error “http-win.cpp:160” implies that the software is no longer able to authenticate the user certificate. Developers suggest that this error indicates that Apple’s signing servers are down, or that the company has patched the loophole exploited by Cydia impactor altogether.

The error displays the following message:


Peer Certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates

SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain

This error had become widespread a little while back as well but, to everyone’s rescue, the beloved Saurik promptly released a software update to fix the issue. He has, however, been very quiet in more recent times, but in the meanwhile, you can try the following fixes if your Cydia is not working.

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Fixing the Cydia Impactor “http-win.cpp:160” error

Follow these steps to fix http-win.cpp:160 error:

Solution 1: Downloading a patched Cydia Impactor

This is the solution we actually recommend. Umang Rghuvanshi, a security researcher recently released a patched Cydia Impactor specifically to fix this error on MacOS, Windows and Linux operating systems.

Simply download and install the patched versions of Cydia Impactor from the links below:

Solution 2: Using third-party signing services

Third-party installers may just be a worthwhile alternative to sideloading apps manually using Cydia Impactor if it is not working. Installers like Tweakbox, PandaHelper VIP and Appvalley can let you install modded apps, and jailbreak tools completely for free.

For the best experience with these third-party signing services, it may be a viable alternative to shell out a few bucks for a custom IPA signing as well as other advanced features by purchasing a premium license.

These paid services usually provide revoke protection and renew their developer certificates regularly.

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Solution 3: Use a Mac, or run a Mac OS virtual machine on your PC

In a majority of the reported cases, Cydia Impactor continues working for a respectable while longer on the Mac OS ecosystem.

You can therefore either try sideloading apps from a Mac, or alternatively set up a virtual machine running macOS on your PC.

You can follow-along how to do this here:

Solution 4: Allow Cydia Impactor through your Firewall/Antivirus.

Check your antivirus and firewall to ensure that Cydia Impactor has access to connect to the internet. This ensures that the software can access Apple servers to authenticate the given CA certificates and sign your app.

Hopefully, this guide on how to fix Cydia Impactor error: 160 has been helpful in getting you back on track sideloading apps. For more tricks, fixes, tips, and guides on all things Apple, check out some of our other articles on the site.

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